How are you at graciously receiving support for what's most important in your life?

Maybe you feel like... "Support! What would that be like"  Or..."I'm doing fine. I'm all good!"

I don't know if I've ever met someone who could effortlessly receive. Part of being a human means that we may have been rejected for our needs, subtly shamed for having them or just had the experience of hurt because what we needed didn't show up when we needed it.

This causes a shut down and interesting patterns that hold us back from receiving the incredible support and love that we deep down want (and need).

If you're like me, you really want to do something wonderful with your life - and you want to make an impact while you're doing it.

That requires learning how to open to receive support in new (and sometimes initially uncomfortable ways).

There's no better time to start than now!

In this quick video you'll learn:

  • How I transformed crazy resistance into empowered receiving of incredible support for my biz!
  • The reasons why you may be closed to receiving (without even knowing it!)
  • Three mindset shifts that will open you to new possibilities for support
  • An exercise to anchor in new possibilities for what you really want!

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NOW... take a few minutes and expand your awareness with these journaling questions:

ONE: What old stories or limiting beliefs do you have about what it means to need help or receiving support?

TWO: What types of support are you comfortable receiving and what types of support do you have an aversion too? (For example, maybe you're comfortable receiving financial support, but not care when you're sick.)

THREE: Move into a state of wonder and begin wondering what new ways you could be open, vulnerable and humble to receive even more? Start with questions like...

  1. I wonder how I could open more?
  2. I wonder what's possible in this situation?
  3. I wonder what the lesson in this situation is for me?


If you'd like to learn to listen to the inner voice that always knows what's right and true for you... come on over to the 10 Day Inner Guidance Challenge. It's free to join and gives you simple daily exercises that will make certain your decisions come from clarity, confidence and result in more inner peace!

Join The 10 Day Inner Guidance Challenge (It's FREE)