Hi You!

We’re stoked to announce the opportunity for you to win a scholarship to The Freedom Movement (TFM).  TFM may be the thing you've been waiting for to catalyze you forward.  TFM is a powerful six month group coaching/mastermind program is valued at over $1600 and includes a bonus ticket to Awaken The Rebel live - a weekend event in LA for our lucky winner to spend with Julie, Shereen and the whole tribe. (Another $997 value!)

In order to hear the details you need to join us this Thursday, September 25th, 2014 at 6pm PT/9pm ET for The Freedom Blueprint encore.

We took a poll and most of you told us that your number #1 challenge to getting started living your purpose is that you don’t know WHAT you’re really passionate about OR you get overwhelmed with all the possibilities and can’t decide on the “right” path for you.

So here’s the deal for Thursday’s live event:

1.  We’re going SUPER deep into the six steps of The Freedom Blueprint and teaching you exactly what we teach our high-paying clients.  You’ll be guided through an exercise designed to bring you clarity on what YOUR FREEDOM CALLING is - and how to know with certainty that the actions you take are going to bring you the results you want. 

2.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask your burning questions and get live hot seat coaching from us.  We are making sure that you leave the event totally clear, on purpose and ready to step into your next level of freedom! 

If you’ve been standing on the sidelines because it’s easier to stay safe, where you know what to expect, we challenge you to face your fear of your greatness and show up anyway and open to the life that’s waiting for you. 

That voice that keeps you safe is the same voice that keeps you stuck.

This is a high-content, high value training that we’re thrilled to be able to offer to you for FREE… because we know what it’s like to feel stuck, frustrated or confused about what you want and how to get it.  

Click HERE to join us!

See you there beautiful freedom lover!

Big hugs, 


PS.  Here's the link to register: www.the-freedom-blueprint.com