Direct Voice Channeled Message from The Divine Feminine Collective

Yes, Dear Ones. We are pleased to connect with you on this day. This day is a time for taking account of one’s past experiences in the year and sitting with those that were pleasurable, purposeful, and also with those that created challenge. Where are the places you grew? Where are the places you remained “stuck”, so to speak?

We would suggest that by taking the opportunity to connect with the past year, you open yourself to new awareness. Honor yourself for all that has transformed into more of your True Nature. And do not be hard on yourself for those places that still feel stuck, where you still are experiencing old patterns that you wish to be free from. Instead, acknowledge these places, as experiences still in the creation process. They are healing opportunities that are unfolding in their perfect timing. Perhaps there is a component of the healing or shifting or transforming that still remains to be seen. And it is this yet unseen unfolding that will free you from the perceived challenge. All experience is valid and supports you in evolving to express more of your True Nature at this time.

We will be speaking in detail about the energy of 2012 on a separate occasion. So for today, we would like to focus on the remaining days of this year, and the opportunity they provide for stillness. The stillness that you can create by going within and being with your experiences of the last year from a witness state of being, will serve to ready you for all that is to come in 2012. You would not eat a big Thanksgiving Dinner and skip right to dessert without a pause to digest and appreciate your meal. In the same way, it is wise to digest the material of this last year, before jumping fully into the next year.

Winter Solstice is a magical time of year where the energy of the time is not only calling you inward for reflection, but also opens you to connection with others from a place of gratitude and heart-centered space. Acknowledge that some of those around you may have difficulties with the holiday season and open your heart to create a space of compassion for the experiences of your fellow beings. If this is a particularly difficult time of year for you, know that the spiritual worlds are close by, extending love, healing and understanding. Open yourself to this love, and also allow the winter solstice to draw you inward for healing and completion of anything that is ready to move and release from your being.

You are exactly where you need to be to step fully into the next year that is upon us. Each and every individual reading these words has chosen to incarnate at this time to experience the transformation and healing that is possible on the planet as humanity steps more fully into Unity Consciousness. Disconnect from the fear within the mass consciousness. Release the fear that is within you. Remember why it is that you have chosen to be here at this time and allow that conviction to support you, individuated trough this physical form, and propel you forward with courage and grace to express more and more of your True Nature.
We did you blessings and love as you move forward out of 2011 and into the New Year. We honor you for taking the time to deepen in to your inner experiences and be with any challenging or uncomfortable places. It is well worth the effort and experience, as you integrate and open to the expression of your True Nature on many dimensions.

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