Many of you seek to express yourselves through new and exciting endeavors.

Yet you find yourselves feeling stuck.  You see the vision of what you want, yet don’t always know the next step or feel blocked in taking a step toward what you desire.

Perhaps it is an opportunity to look at your doubts: self-doubt of what you are capable of, of what will happen if you do step forward.

Consider the possibility that you have everything you need to achieve the desired outcome.  In fact, it is not perfection that is required.  Sometimes as you step forward, despite your self-doubt, you will find that there are distortions – old emotional trauma, old beliefs – that would not otherwise come to the surface for the necessary healing if you did not step forward.  It is not about avoiding experiencing these things.  In fact, it is about allowing them to surface so that you can make new choices and step forward with more and more clarity.  See these doubts, old beliefs and areas for healing for what they are – beautiful lessons to support you in refining your creative expression.

You have more power than you realize.  Acknowledge your self-doubt and make the decision to step forward towards what you seek anyway.  Believe in yourself – it has the ability to carry you through any perceived shortcoming.  As you fully believe in your own power and Divinity, you will begin to experience the reflection of it from your creations and from those around you.

Release the doubt.  Step forward on your path.  You are ready.  The time is now.

Channeled by Julie Migneault

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