Welcome.  We are a collective energy: the blending of multiple aspects of feminine consciousness. We share through this channel with an intention to support you in awakening to the fullness of who you are – your Divinity and humanity beautifully expressing through this physical experience.

Today we would like to remind you that you did not come here to struggle. If you find yourself in a challenging experience, it can be difficult to disconnect from the struggle.

Our guidance is to support you in allowing the challenging experience without resistance, without pushing against it. It is the resistance, inner judgments and attachment to the drama that spiral you downward.

Take a moment to reconnect with your intention. What is it you truly seek in your life? Start with where you are. Perhaps you truly seek for some quiet moments of peace in your heart. Perhaps you seek more ease in your day. Whatever it may be for you, know that it is possible.

The first step is to disconnect from the struggle. Reconnect with yourSelf. Reconnect with the truth that you did not come to stay stuck in the challenge. Your intuition and soulful knowings are powerful resources to tap into. They are activated in quiet moments of listening inward. Start there, Dear Ones.  Start with a process of inner exploration and simply notice how your experience becomes lighter – despite what is going on around you.

-The Divine Feminine Collective channeled by Julie Migneault

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