One of the most common challenges that I see spiritual entrepreneurs face is dealing with overwhelm. There are so many areas to focus on in growing a business and working with our clients. How do we know where to focus? When we move into a place of overwhelm, we can simply get stuck spinning our wheels.

When we are living a purpose-driven life, there is truly a natural inner upwelling to bring our gifts forward. This can create a tendency to try and "do it all". We want a balanced lifestyle and a successful business that gives back to the world. But we can end up feeling stretched too thin and wearing too many different hats.

To top it all off, we are bombarded these days with information, products, and teleseminars that intend to support us in growing our business. Yet with so much coming towards us, we can actually get confused and not know what to implement, when, or how. It’s overwhelming!

This is when it is important to remember our Divine Feminine Power. Part of the spiritual path is to come back to one’s own knowing of Self. YOU have the answers within you and YOU are the master of your creative process.

Here are three easy ways to move out of overwhelm and into clear, focused, and FUN action.

#1: Connect with and Trust Your Intuition

You are connected to a Divine Source of guidance at all times. The greater part of you truly knows what is best for you. It’s simply a matter of accessing and trusting your own Knowing that will lead you out of overwhelm.

Start each and every day with a moment of quiet- perhaps through meditation or a walk in nature. From this quiet place, connect with your soul. Ask your higher self what is in your highest good for THIS day. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but right now. As you practice this, you will begin to sense the Knowing. Perhaps you simply “know”- maybe you get a visual in your mind- perhaps you see something in your environment and recognize it as a Divine Sign. Maybe you hear loving words in your mind. ALL are valid forms of intuition and guidance. Let go of the way you think you should be getting guidance, and trust you are already connected.

#2 Let Go of Perfectionism

Yes, we all want our websites to look a certain way before we launch, and our newsletters to be refined just one more time before we send them out and our desks to be tidy before we get down to business each day. Where is this need for things to be a certain way actually holding you back from stepping forward?

I’m all about really allowing your creative spark to come through you in your work. So where do you actually step away from your authentic expression by believing something has to be “perfect” before you move forward? How does this hold you back from actually stepping forward and sharing your gifts?

The truth is, things you do may never meet your standards of perfection. But they will ALWAYS be perfect when they are an expression of you. Let us see your brilliance just as it is!

#3 Build Your Team for Support

We are not meant to be on this journey alone. Even if you are just starting out in your business, there are ways for you to get support that will help you to move out of overwhelm so you can focus on doing what it is you are here to do.

One easy way to receive support is to hire a virtual assistant – perhaps for just two hours a week as you’re getting started. Another way is to connect with other like-minded practitioners or coaches in your area. Get together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for support, brainstorming and co-coaching!

The healing response to overwhelm is to open to the SPACE within and around you. We experience space by being in the present moment and allowing the sacredness of what we’re creating to be felt and known.

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