An article in Maui Vision Magazine by Julie Migneault

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anaïs Nin's words, a frequently used mantra, ring in my mind as I contemplate the unknown. My own experience of letting go of all that I knew and had worked for, and truly embracing my unknown, has led me fully into my life's purpose - my True North. Just as Anaïs Nin could no longer risk remaining tight in a bud, I could no longer risk staying safe.

From jumping off of the facetious cliff into the unknown, I was given the opportunity to really experience and learn about surrender and trust. I was brought into deeper contact with the Divine spark within me that has led to a much fuller expression of me.

It was scary!

The process of letting go, of the resistance and the illusion of safety, often is. The truth of the matter is that true safety does not come from external circumstances - it comes from connection and alignment with our inner beings. The key is not to get rid of the fear, but allow it to be present, while consciously choosing to move forward anyway.

All is possible when we first align and connect with our inner beings, and from this place of connection embrace the unknown. We are signaling to the universe that we are ready to fully experience and express our Divine natures.

Why are you remaining in the bud while your Spirit is ready to bloom? The rewards are great. Allow yourself to blossom.

Julie Migneault embraced the unknown to leave her corporate career in NYC and live more fully aligned with her true path in Maui. She supports others with intuitive coaching for your life and business, and channeling sessions. Contact Julie for your free 15-minute consultation to learn how she can support you on Living Your True Path at or call 808.446.5426.

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