FAQs About Channeled Intuitive Readings with Julie

Can I participate in my session with Julie from anywhere?

Yes. Sessions with Julie take place over a secure phone conference line. When you book your session, you’ll receive a link to Julie’s calendar and can select a time for your session that works for you. At the time of your session, you’ll dial-in to our conference line to connect with Julie. If you are calling internationally, we offer local access numbers for 30+ countries. All time zones are accommodated! For sessions gifted to a friend, you’ll receive an email designed to forward to your friend so they can book the session at a time that works for them!

Will my session be recorded?
Yes! Your session will be recorded and you will receive a link from Julie’s team to download the mp3 recording within 3 business days. Many clients share that they listen to the session over and over and each time receive new “aha’s” and a deeper transmission of the wisdom that comes through specifically for you! This recording is included free of charge with your session!
What types of questions can I ask during my session?
Please feel free to bring any topic or area of your life that is important to you to your session. No topic is off limits. Clients commonly ask about relationship dynamics, life purpose, money issues, health, and situations in their life they would like greater understanding of. Julie will be clear and upfront if she can not provide guidance on a particular question you may have. Generally, this just means that the question needs to be reformulated. (I.e. Instead of asking, “When will I meet my life partner?, a better question would be, “What can I do to open to the type of relationship I want?”) Julie does not “tell the future”, as you are empowered as the creator of your life. Instead, she offers clear guidance, wisdom and reflection of what’s going on within you on multiple levels to support you in navigating transitions, clearing old emotional patterns, and ultimately living from a place of deep connection with yourself and your own inner guidance.
How do I schedule my session time?
Upon booking, your will receive an email with instructions for you to schedule your session on Julie’s calendar. Once you select a time on Julie’s calendar, you will receive email confirmation with the call-in details for your session. Simply find a quiet place to make the call, and perhaps spend some reflective time in advance to tune in to the topics you’d like to cover during the session. At your appointed session time, Julie will guide you through anything else you need to know and answer any questions you may have.
Is there anything else I need to know about a channeled intuitive reading with Julie?
An intuitive reading with Julie is a powerful experience. More than the words of guidance that are shared, there is an energetic transmission that is often very palpable to participants. Many report feeling lighter, clearer, more empowered and like they “knew” the truth of what came through and now feel supported to access it and live it.   Julie encourages you to take in the guidance that resonates with you, and trust that if something doesn’t resonate with you, that’s perfectly fine and part of the process. The session is not future telling. The session is not a substitute for YOU getting in touch with your own inner wisdom, but a powerful support tool to guide you back to your deep truth, clarity and direction for your life path. There is nothing “scary” or “weird” about the sessions, although Julie often works with clients who have never experienced working with an intuitive in the past. Julie works with individuals from all walks of life, including celebrities, high-powered executives, parents, and more. Wherever you’re at on your path, she’ll meet you there.