When you register for the Fierce Love Mentorship Program you receive:


1.  Private monthly 55 minute Inner Alchemy Session(s) with Julie.  (Level 1 = one session per month and Level 2 = two sessions per month)

2.  Digital Recordings of each session emailed for you to download and listen again.

3.  Unlimited email access to Julie for support between sessions.

4.  Exclusive membership in twice monthly group calls, and all other features of the Inner Guidance Circle.

India Arie

India Arie

Singer | Songwriter | Record Producer


"I resonate with Julie as a person - her journey from high powered business world to her spiritual world and learning to blend the two is something I really get. And then there is her joyful personality, combined with her insights and the uplifted feeling i feel after we speak -- I truly have enjoyed our work.  Our conversations REALLY make a difference to my experience."


By registering for the Fierce Love Mentorship (FLM) Program, I understand, accept and agree to the following: 


1.  I understand that I am 100% responsible for my actions (& non-actions) and the results I get (or don’t get) as a result of my work with Julie and my participation in the FLM.

2.  I understand that I have access to Julie's private email and can email her at anytime and she will do her best to get back to me within 72 hours (or sooner!)

3.  I understand that it is my responsibility to be on the conference line at my scheduled session time with Julie, and that I must provide 48 hours notice to reschedule an appointment.  If I am late or miss my appointed session time, I understand that I waive the right to reschedule the session.

4.  I understand that sessions are scheduled via Julie's online scheduling system and I will take full advantage of the program by accessing her calendar and scheduling my monthly sessions.

5.   I understand that I am free to share the content of my work with Julie as I wish.  However, Julie will keep the nature of our session confidential.  Confidentiality does not extend to criminal activities.  I understand Julie may share the work her professional supervisor(s) to support her professional development.

6.  I understand that the FLM is a monthly mentorship program and my creditcard (or Paypal account) will be charged monthly.  I understand this is a non-refundable program and I will complete all payments on time.

7.  I understand that if I no longer want to participate in the FLM, I simply need to give thirty-days notice of my cancellation by emailing: support (@)

8.  I understand that it will be necessary for me to implement new awareness, attitudes and behaviors in order to experience the real results of my work with Julie.  The real benefits of our work show up between the sessions, if I truly commit to the process.

Shereen Faltas

Shereen Faltas

CEO | Awaken The Rebel

"Working with Julie has helped me to access parts of myself that have been dead for years.  I've been able to unearth and heal pain that - without her help - I wouldn't have known was holding me back.

I honestly feel that as a result of my work with Julie, I have gotten a piece of myself back.  I feel more alive, more powerful, more vulnerable, more real, and more whole than I've felt in years.

If you have the chance to work with Julie, I highly recommend seizing it immediately.  There are benefits in this work with her that may not be apparent until after you take the plunge, but I can guarantee you it's worth it."



Membership Perks including TWO Private Sessions With Julie Per Month


Membership Perks including ONE Private Session With Julie Per Month

ALSO: Please note that by registering, you are agreeing to the terms laid out at!

Ahalya Kumaran

Ahalya Kumaran

Leadership & Career Coach

“Julie is a miracle worker! Before working with her, I used to automatically judge my emotions as good or bad, embracing the good feelings and not allowing space to deeply feel the negative ones. Most of the time I didn’t even know they were there!

Julie taught me how to get in touch with all my feelings, especially the ones that were deep below the surface. Now, no matter what happens in my life, I slow down to be with all of my feelings, even the ones I generally haven’t wanted to feel such as sadness, disappointment, and fear.

This new level of honesty with myself has resulted in a real magic that happens. I can actually feel healing happen and I become instantly clear about what to do (or not do) and have a deep sense of peace and trust within myself.  It’s incredible!”