An article in Maui Vision Magazine by Julie Migneault

As I contemplate Holistic Living, I begin to think about the multitude of holistic “solutions” we are all surrounded by. Meditation practices, self-help books, workshops, diets, exercise regimes, etc.

I don’t know about you, but it can get overwhelming!

What if you could stop looking for the “solution” outside of yourself, and instead connect with your own Divine Intelligence to understand and express your own, perfectly suited version of a balanced life?

In my own journey to living fully and sharing my gifts with the world, I began a process of discernment that supports me in understanding what I need for a balanced and joyful life. I made a commitment to truly honor myself and what I need that leads to a continual listening to my own Divine Intelligence.

As you seek greater balance in your life, I invite you to begin a practice of discernment that connects you with the powerful Divine Intelligence that lives in each of us. Start by sitting quietly and asking yourself what you need in the moment. Allow yourself to notice what’s happening in your body. Are there any places of held tension or uncomfortable feelings? Connect with that tension by placing your hand on that part of your body. Ask this part of you what it needs. Sit quietly and allow information to come. Trust that the information you receive is truly your Divine Intelligence. Make a commitment to honor that need. Allow any support to show up for you now that you’ve connected with this place within you.

The resulting feeling of connection and self-empowerment will be well worth your exploration.

Julie Migneault left her successful corporate career in NYC to live more holistically and fully aligned with her true path on Maui. She supports others through channeling and spiritual/business coaching. Contact Julie at or 808-446-5426 for your free 15-minute consultation to learn more.

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