If You've Ever Wondered, "Isn't There Something MORE For Me?"

The Answer Is YES! Let Me Help You Find It...


Experience Inner Peace, Freedom & True Meaning


Over $1600 Value

This is for all the powerful women who desire to dance with life, embrace the unknown and move from the wisdom of their soul...

Dear Fierce Lover,

Have you ever had that aching feeling that there has to be something more to life?

Maybe you find yourself in a career that’s “successful” or “exciting” but it leave your feeling burnt-out, empty or like you’re spinning your wheels. Perhaps you’re in a relationship where you don’t experience the intimacy, depth and connection that you truly desire. Or maybe you just know deep down inside that you’re MEANT for something more - and that you have gifts the world needs and you just don’t know how to bring them out in the world.

I know just how you feel.

I worked diligently to create a “successful” career and life that was everything I thought I wanted - except it wasn’t.

I felt empty. I was miserable. Something felt terribly wrong even as everything in my life “looked” great in so many ways.

Can you relate?

I wanted more. But I had no idea what, much less HOW to get there…

I began to follow the voice of my soul into a powerful, messy journey into the depths of my soul. (The worthwhile journey’s often ARE messy, right?)

What I discovered was priceless. I found ME.

A woman who embraces the unknown. A woman who values and honors her intuition. A woman who embraces her pain and allows it to transform her into the greatest expression of her gifts.

A woman like you.

Through my powerful journey of healing I was held in the incredible healing container of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. My gifts as an energy worker, channel and intuitive became strong and clear.

From this place, it became crystal clear that it’s my work to support woman just like you to heal your life and step into your power.

I truly believe in your capacity to transform your life into something so magnificent it’s beyond your wildest dreams. I believe this is possible for you because I’ve done it for myself and I’ve helped dozens of incredible women to do the same.

Not only do I believe it’s possible for you, I believe it’s your destiny. I believe that our world desperately needs you to take on this journey of transformation in order to bring balance and healing to our relationships, our community and the world.  When you do, you experience true inner peace and meaning in your life as you step forward into your soul's calling.

IMG_7282_edited  I invite you to say yes to this next step on your soul’s journey and allow your life to transform into  the highest expression of your Divine Human Potential.


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Over $1600 Value

The Introductory Healing Package

Private Energy Healing Session

During your personalized one-on-one energy healing session, I will support you in identifying old patterns you keep hitting up against (maybe unconsciously) that are holding you back. The healing work may include balancing your energy system (chakras), clearing energetic blocks, past life release, relational-cord work, and getting to the root of old pesky patterns. The energy healing works on a cellular level to clear blocks and held belief systems. The session takes place over the phone/Skype. (Normally $297)


For the two weeks following your personalized healing session with me, you receive unlimited email support! Ask questions, share updates, and get coached on new ways of being that will support the integration of the deep work we've done together. (Normally only available to my mentorship clients.)


Join our incredible, friendly and wise community who are dedicated to living from a place of truth and inner knowing! Participate in the 10 Day Inner Guidance Challenge as part of your membership and get free access to my program that will keep you deeply connected to your inner knowing every day of your life.


Participate in the Inner Guidance Circle! You receive one month's membership - including two group sessions where you get first-hand access to my clear & powerfully transformative channeled guidance.

Participants speak of the incredible clarity and powerful shifts they experience. As part of the Inner Guidance Circle you receive:

1. Live intuitive readings/channeled guidance from me during each of the twice monthly group sessions.

2. Exclusive access to the Inner Guidance Circle Community (Fb Group) for the duration of our work together.

3. A powerful guided meditation healing trio! Download them to listen again and again and experience transformation with greater ease & grace.

4. The Awaken Your Purpose video training series to access your inner light, become the leader of yourSelf and find your core message you're here to share with the world

5. Access to the Digital Library where you can listen and download recordings of every Inner Guidance Circle group session, indexed by topic! (Normally $197/month)


Wrap up with a call with Julie where you develop an ongoing healing plan! Create space to acknowledge all that's shifted within you and clarity on how to integrate your work into your every day life. Special Bonus worth $147!



Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 6.23.30 PM

Join me with my partner in crime, Shereen Thor, for this incredible live event!  In just two days you will awaken your soul's calling, build your business brainchild & revolutionize your life!

Our next event is in Santa Monica on September 19th & 20th... this is your FREE bonus ticket valued at $997. It's included when you register for the Introductory Healing Package!

(If you can't make this date, the ticket is transferable to any of the Awaken The Rebel live events that happen at least two times per year!)


Over $1600 Value


India Arie

India Arie

Singer | Songwriter | Record Producer

"Julie's journey from high powered business world to the spiritual world and learning to blend the two is something I really get.  I resonate with Julie.  Her joyful personality, combined with her insights and the uplifted feeling i feel after we speak -- I truly have enjoyed our work.  Our conversations REALLY make a difference to my experience."

Ahalya Kumaran

Ahalya Kumaran

Leadership & Career Coach

“Julie is a miracle worker! Before working with her, I used to automatically judge my emotions as good or bad, embracing the good feelings and not allowing space to deeply feel the negative ones. Most of the time I didn’t even know they were there!

Julie taught me how to get in touch with all my feelings, especially the ones that were deep below the surface. Now, no matter what happens in my life, I slow down to be with all of my feelings, even the ones I generally haven’t wanted to feel such as sadness, disappointment, and fear.

This new level of honesty with myself has resulted in a real magic that happens. I can actually feel healing happen and I become instantly clear about what to do (or not do) and have a deep sense of peace and trust within myself.  It’s incredible!”

Sheilagh Mercer

Sheilagh Mercer

Fine Artist

I feel so loved from my sessions with Julie and the energy she channels. I cannot help to return that love and gratitude in my life. Julie is supportive and offers answers in ways that are less limiting and allow for my highest expansion possible.

There is an honoring of my greater attributes, even if seemingly dormant. Through my sessions, I realize I am on the right path. I have felt the shift of releasing deeply felt trauma; I have resolved life-long issues through my work with Julie over the last year.

Her wisdom comes through in a way that even my “hard-to-manage” issues dissolve into love of self. We truly need not go it alone. The sessions bring the most sacred love and respect, yet with compassion. I easily forgive myself, because I feel forgiven. It is as if the child is held by the mother and nurtured. This has allowed my confidence in myself and my abilities to soar. Thanks, love and blessings!

Cindy Andrews

Cindy Andrews

Physical Therapist

I watch you model this listening technique just like you are teaching us to do. I feel that you listen to me this way during our sessions. You come without an agenda for me, are totally present and it's all about me. So, being on the other side of listening....and am listened to...it has a huge impact.

The reason I am so drawn to our coaching and you, Julie, is because that's what I've yearned for my whole life. Your listening is reaching in and touching a part deep with my soul by your listening and being totally present. As a child and an adult, I mostly want to be listened to and heard. Thanks!!

Thanks for your/our work!

Shereen Thor

Shereen Thor

CEO | Awaken The Rebel

"Working with Julie has helped me to access parts of myself that have been dead for years.  I've been able to unearth and heal pain that - without her help - I wouldn't have known was holding me back.

I honestly feel that as a result of my work with Julie, I have gotten a piece of myself back.  I feel more alive, more powerful, more vulnerable, more real, and more whole than I've felt in years.

If you have the chance to work with Julie, I highly recommend seizing it immediately.  There are benefits in this work with her that may not be apparent until after you take the plunge, but I can guarantee you it's worth it."


Julie Migneault

Julie Migneault

Founder of Fierce Love

After finding myself with a lot of external success in the form of an MBA, a prestigious job at a Fortune 500 Company, a great lifestyle in NYC... I finally got honest with myself and admitted I was absolutely miserable.

I began a deep journey of inner exploration that resulted in the awakening of some incredible gifts as a natural intuitive and healer. I spent four intensive years training at the world renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing to further refine and develop these skills.  The training I received has a depth and integrity that brings real results to my clients.  Through my training, I created a deep and profound connection to myself that created a foundation for very powerful, transformative and meaningful healing work that I now share.

That's not to say life isn't with it's challenges - just that I've learned to be with them in a way that creates more expansion, healing and love in my life on a consistent basis.

Now, back to that MBA! Even with my gifts and love of healing work, I couldn't deny my passion for business and all things entrepreneurial. There is something absolutely incredible in helping someone get 100% tuned in to their unique gifts and purpose and then to SHARE those gifts through a business that makes them a fabulous living... When we do this - when our livelihood is a reflection of our greatest gifts and service, I call it The Integrated Self.

Saying yes to my Inner Knowing has giving me a life I never knew possible.  I live in Maui, Hawaii.  I travel when I want to, where I want too.  I do work that brings me alive.  I do it when I want to and from wherever I want too.  It's freedom.  I am surrounded by the most incredible community.  But what's more... I have an unshakeable inner peace and deep knowing that I'm "on path" and serving by being the best version of myself.

I want that for you, too! Which is why I've created this  opportunity for you to create meaningful and lasting change in your life over the course of a powerful 30 days together.  I invite you to tune-in and listen beyond any fear or resistance to see if you're called to this work.


Over $1600 Value


What is Energy Healing & Brennan Healing Science?

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing can be traced back 5,000 years to all parts of the world, and all cultures.  Energy healing works with our universal life force to clear distortions that are affecting our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Our physical being arises out of our energy field.  Any imbalance in the energy field eventually causes illness or disease.  Working with distortions in the energy field brings healing, balance, harmony and vitality to the emotional, mental and physical body.  Through the power of the healing work, clients discover their core qualities, create healthy & fulfilling relationships and learn to deal with life challenges to create a balanced life.

Energy healing is not "magic". It is a structured process designed to heal whatever is blocking you from total health, happiness and fulfillment. Energy healing can be effective with only a few sessions to address a specific issue, or it can take months or even years as you work on underlying issues, such as familial or ancestral patterns.

Many times before something new comes in to your life, there is a change that has to happen in order to resolve or heal a pattern.  These changes may feel temporarily challenging or chaotic.  The ultimate result of the change is always for your highest good and ultimate fulfillment.

Because the core tenant of the work is that each client is a whole being with incredible wisdom and capacity for healing, the healing work is often experienced as a "short-cut" to resolving life-long or reoccurring issues.

What is Brennan Healing Science?

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is the world's premier institute for personal transformation and healing.  It offers the most comprehensive training for healers in the world, and has been granted University Status, so it's students can receive a Bachelor of Science in Energy Healing, as well as continue on in the school's advanced studies training.  It has been recognized by the Florida Medical Board.

Brennan Healing Science Practitioners undergo a rigorous four-years of training in Healing Science, Psych-Spiritual Development, Creative Arts, Professional Practice & Integrative Care.  Practitioners are held to high levels of integrity and professional responsibility. They support healing through working with the human energy field, including the dimension of core essence, intention, auric (subtle energy bodies) and the physical.

What happens during a typical session?

Each session is uniquely tailored to you.  We take some time to connect with what's moving in you and what you'd like to focus on.  The session may include emotional process work to address how current life challenges, stress and/or anxiety are being held & experienced in your emotional and physical body.

During the session, I will also work with your energy field to clear blocks, restructure distortions, align hara (intention), resolve distortions in relational cords/dynamics, spiritual surgery, and more.

All sessions take place via phone or Skype.  Most clients report that they experience me working with their energy field even via a long distance session.  The work is truly profound and transformative.

What is an Intuitive Channeling Session?

What is an intuitive channeling session?

Channeling is simply connecting with "higher consciousness" and allowing that to express - through words, art, movement or any other ways of expression.

As an intuitive channel, I have a gift to expand my energy field and connect with extremely high vibration awareness.  When I do this, I allow the wisdom of this consciousness to pour through me to my clients.  This happens through an energy transmission that is often felt.  It also comes through via clear guidance that I share with my clients.

Through an intuitive channeling session, the client is given the opportunity to bring forth any areas where they are stuck, confused or desiring something new.  The guidance that comes through often resonates in a very deep way and brings clearing, movement forward and immense clarity.

What if it doesn't work for me?

What if I don't get any value?

I am confident you'll get immediate value from our work together.  I stand behind my sessions with a 100% money-back guarantee.  If at any time you feel you didn't get value from our Personal Energy Healing Session or Group Channeling Session, let me know within 24 hours of the session.  You will receive 100% of your money back.  No questions asked and we'll part as friends!


Over $1600 Value

"All healing is returning to the self." -Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan