We're talking about M-O-N-E-Y!


Such a big topic.

And one where we can tend to get locked up in fear or confusion as we step into lives where we're not tied to financial support that drains us in other ways.

I'm thrilled to connect with Jill Beirne Davi for this week's powerful interview.  Both Jill and I have transitioned from lucrative corporate careers to self-employed CEO's!  Jill and I share our journey with money and offer powerful strategies and mindset shifts that we need to make in order to heal our relationship with money, step out of overwhelm and anxiety, and allow ourselves to thrive.

Check out the interview here.  And before you leave, please leave a  comment sharing an "aha" moment or lesson that is supporting you in healing your relationship with money!

Listen and download:

Our expert guest, Jill Beirne Davi, is a master of Personal Finance and serves women as a Personal Financial Coach.   Jill shares the necessary KEYS to transition from a bi-weekly paycheck to full abundance so you can step out to share your gifts and message with the world.

Whether you're still in a job and ready to get your finances under control, or you've been a struggling entrepreneur, you'll learn how to heal your relationship with money and get practical tips to smart, simple money management.

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To your greatest abundance.


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