Tobin and Julie offer a live coaching session to an amazing guest who shares where she’s at in her journey with authenticity and vulnerability.  In this powerful session, together they drop into a very tender heart space as our guest explores what’s truly holding her back from the intimate partnership she desires.

Do you desire to attract your intimate partner?

Are you unclear what’s holding you back?

This live coaching session is an invitation to open to any stuck place within.

It’s powerful to witness our guest’s shift in the moment to a place within that so desired her presence and opening.  It’s so beautiful!

Listen Now: 


Tobin and Julie explore how we can  embody compassion in our lives and share how they tapped into this embodiment flavor in a stuck place in their relating together.

**How can you accept yourself more fully in your humanness?

**Why is it imperative to bring compassion to yourself as a way to bring more compassion to the world?

Join us as we explore Embodying Compassion. 

Would you benefit from a powerful, confidential conversation about what's holding you back from living your greatest potential and having the life you really want? I'd like to invite you to a complimentary Intuitive Strategy Sessionfor clarity and direction now.