Direct Channeled Message from The Divine Feminine Collective via Julie Migneault

Today is a beautiful day to start anew; to connect with your fresh clean slate. Today is a day that you have created to experience more of your Divine essence. How would you like to use this day? We would make a loving suggestion to let go of old ways that you have realized are not serving you and step boldly into your future.

Dear ones, this is a time of renewal, this is a time of transition and transformation. That means letting go of the old ways. That means allowing yourself the experience of grieving the old, wounded places so that you can open to more of your true nature. You are not alone in this process. Many many beings are feeling the soft calling of their soul to say YES; too finally put down your burdens and love thyself.

Do not let the fear of the letting go process hinder you from your soul’s growth and evolution. You are ready. Say yes to the ready places. Spirit, the Earth, your ancestors and your soul are guiding the way. You are powerful beyond measure.

We bow to you on your journey.

-The Divine Feminine Collective

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