by Julie Migneault   

As women entrepreneurs, we often question our own value.  Doing this really holds us back from living our soul’s purpose and making the impct we want to make in the lives of others.  We see the power of our work, but when it comes to receiving financial remuneration for our offerings, our wounding around self-worth can cut us off from our natural state of abundance.  This leads to cutting off a stream of new clients who could truly benefit from our work.

Here are three truths to support you in receiving financial flow and opening to sharing your gifts and living your soul’s purpose:

Truth #1:  Healing your wounding around receiving & self-worth allows you to be of service to exponentially more people.  Most of us experience childhood wounding around our worth that closes us to receiving.  This could have shown up in big or very subtle ways.  Until you heal this, you hold yourself backfrom your brilliance.  Healing this opens you to living your soul’s purpose and being of service in the way you long for.

Truth #2: A balanced give and take of energy is crucial to healthy client relationships.  Charging money for services is NOT taking anything from your clients.  Your clients have real pain or struggle that YOU offer the solution to. As you receive financial exchange for your services you honor your client and allow the necessary balance of energy in the exchange.  When there is not a balance of giving/receiving in any relationship, the relationship can not flourish and thrive.

Truth #3: Your ability to have the impact you're meant to make in the world is directly proportional to your ability to allow financial flow.  We live in a physical environment.  As you open to healthy financial abundance, you are able to reach more people who are seeking and asking for healing and transformation.  When you close off to it, you close off to connecting with all those who you're meant to serve.

Remember, greed is only possible when you are disconnected from who you truly are.  When you share your gifts from your heart, greed isn't a factor.  Doing what you're most passionate about is a gift to all of us.

When we live our soul’s purpose, we experience financial flow, personal fulfillment and we make a really amazing impact on our world and consciousness.

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