There are times when your experiences can challenge you to stay centered.  They bring up fears, doubts, anger or disappointment.  We have always encouraged the embracing of these experiences for the teachings that they offer for you to continue your evolutionary process.  Yet there is a tendency for one to stay stuck in the negative aspect of the experience – the blame, judgment or disappointment.

When a lesson is learned, it is learned.  There is no more need to lament the past, to try and change an outcome or stay stuck in the disempowered place of disappointment or fear.  Let the experience be an opening moment.  Let it teach you the lesson and bring you back into your power.  As we have said many times before – you are not here to get stuck within the struggle.  You are here to move through your experiences to express more of who you truly are.

This is possible for each and every one of you.  You have all that you need within you to triumph – to complete the creative process you are in and reveal the deep truth of your being.

If you are reading these words it is because of your readiness to hear them.  Let them serve as a reminder of your personal, authentic power.  You are supported on so many levels.  Keep opening, keep opening, keep opening.

Our blessings are with you.
The Divine Feminine Collective

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