Julie and Tobin Giblin get really raw and vulnerable as they share their journey of navigating real emotional triggers in their relating to create an up-leveling of their consciousness and being-ness.

Tobin Giblin is a spiritual counselor and the author of “The Art of Mindful Living.” He gives us the low-down on his 25 year journey of awakening and his work as your ally in stepping into life to experience real shifts and deeper fulfillment. Find out more at www.tobingiblin.com.

Together, Julie and Tobin are a dynamic duo who are aligned in their intention to support you in the embodiment process. Email support@julie-migneault.com if you’d like to be supported by this powerful team.

Elia joins us for our Astrology Forecast of the Week and gives us the big picture on how we can navigate the current energies with us.


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