India Arie

India Arie

Singer | Songwriter | Producer

"I resonate with Julie.  Her journey from high powered business world to the spiritual world and learning to blend the two is something I really get. Her joyful personality, combined with her insights and the uplifted feeling I have after we speak -- I truly have enjoyed our work.  Our sessions REALLY make a difference to my experience."

Sinead Caroll

Sinead Caroll


Life had become unusually difficult and heavy, and anything that needed to be done held a heavy vibration of obligation and dread. I was stuck. I was frustrated. And any action plan I put in placed failed to address the issue at its core.

Julie helped me energetically in a way that old unhelpful patterns were almost effortlessly removed.

It may sound a little unusual, but the biggest win I have is intangible and priceless.  I have a newly found unshakeable fearlessness, knowingness, and direction. If you offered to give me back ten times the monetary value I have invested in myself to go back to where I was, I would decline. What I have is invaluable.

Tami Sharp

Tami Sharp


When I started working with Julie, I was financially, spiritually, and energetically broke. I had recently gone through a divorce, lost a business, as well as had a very confusing soul connection (relationship) that was throwing me for loops left and right.

Since working with Julie, I have transformed my life numerous times. I am now officially and professionally an intuitive life coach. I now trust in my own intuition. I have allowed life to open to me and I open to it.

Whether you believe in it or not, once you really allow her to do what she does best, there are things in your body and your life that will shift so massively for the better, that you will no longer be able to deny that energy work is the real deal, as is Julie.

Shereen Thor

Shereen Thor

CEO | Awaken The Rebel

"Working with Julie has helped me to access parts of myself that have been dead for years.  I've been able to unearth and heal pain that - without her help - I wouldn't have known was holding me back.

I honestly feel that as a result of my work with Julie, I have gotten a piece of myself back.  I feel more alive, more powerful, more vulnerable, more real, and more whole than I've felt in years.

If you have the chance to work with Julie, I highly recommend seizing it immediately.  There are benefits in this work with her that may not be apparent until after you take the plunge, but I can guarantee you it's worth it."

Ahalya Kumaran

Ahalya Kumaran

Leadership & Career Coach

“Julie is a miracle worker! Before working with her, I used to automatically judge my emotions as good or bad, embracing the good feelings and not allowing space to deeply feel the negative ones. Most of the time I didn’t even know they were there!

Julie taught me how to get in touch with all my feelings, especially the ones that were deep below the surface. Now, no matter what happens in my life, I slow down to be with all of my feelings, even the ones I generally haven’t wanted to feel such as sadness, disappointment, and fear.

This new level of honesty with myself has resulted in a real magic that happens. I can actually feel healing happen and I become instantly clear about what to do (or not do) and have a deep sense of peace and trust within myself.  It’s incredible!”

When I fist met Julie, I was in overwhelm. I was feeling pretty frozen, didn’t know what the next choices were… I was waking up in the night feeling a lot of panic and uncertainty.

The biggest shift for me I have more of myself all of the time. In the moments of difficulty, in the moments where I feel triggered or unclear - I really have a sense of being able to “source from within” as Julie says. Whatever life brings me, whatever storm is brewing around me, I feel a deeper sense of connection to myself.

My life has shifted result. I’ve started dating. I’m making great choices about the next steps on my career path. I feel so much more empowered, more clear. It doesn’t really matter what’s going on around me because I’m with myself, I trust my choices, and I have a greater sense of clarity.

You are a magical healer with heart. After the session I was TRANSFORMED. I seriously had the most balance that I have missed for a long time. I am so grateful for the gift you are and how you have given me so much insight into my being. I see you energy like a soft rainbow dragon…full of ancient wisdom, compassion, and magical.

Kelly Meehan

Julie helped me to more completely integrate my business life into every other aspect of my life. Within six weeks my income doubled and I’ve held that level for two months!

Carol McNulty-Huffman

The support of Julie's channeling has supported me and my work to come forward. She holds the space so that I can truly step up and step out with my gifts fully empowered shining my own light on them with no hesitation. What a gift she has been. I will be forever grateful to her.

Mary Lane

Sheilagh Mercer

Sheilagh Mercer

Fine Artist

I have resolved life-long issues through my work with Julie over the last year. I have felt the shift of releasing deeply felt trauma.

I feel so loved from my sessions with Julie and the energy she channels. I cannot help to return that love and gratitude in my life. Julie is supportive and offers answers in ways that are less limiting and allow for my highest expansion possible. She honors my greater attributes, even if seemingly dormant. Through my sessions, I realize I am on the right path.

Her wisdom comes through in a way that even my “hard-to-manage” issues dissolve into love of self. We truly need not go it alone.  Our transformational work brings the most sacred love and respect, yet with compassion. I easily forgive myself, because I feel forgiven. It is as if the child is held by the mother and nurtured. This has allowed my confidence in myself and my abilities to soar.  

Thank you so much Julie! Your guidance feels like it fits perfectly. There is no part which I don’t connect with and I feel totally comfortable with all of it. I will continue to explore in this direction as it feels most comfortable. This has been most helpful!

Michael Johns

Julie has guided me on how to differentiate what is my feeling is what I have absorbed from another. My confidence is improved. I wholly and completely recommend to anyone interested in learning about their feminine and masculine energies, as well as working on relationships, and soul-expansion, the eye -opening and awareness-raising experience of working with Julie.

Dana Bernbach

Julie is awesome at helping one move through the "chatter", focus their energy ,and be in the now. My experiences have been beyond eye opening. I've gone from this defensive, masculine stance on relationships to surrendering to the truth of my situation.

Kevin Hansford

Deborah Maghen

Deborah Maghen


I am truly WOWED by how right-on Julie's guidance is. I deeply resonate with everything she shares.

During the last year I have been on a healing journey and I feel like Julie speaks to my deep core truth and brings to it more clarity, wisdom and insight.

After a session with her I feel so acknowledged, uplifted, excited and optimistic! I feel like our work together moves a lot of energy for me. I'm feeling a lot lighter and trusting of the process I've been dealing with.

Julie truly has a unique and powerful gift and I encourage anyone who feels the call to have a session with her to go for it!

After receiving work from you, I feel aligned with my essence, connected to my heart, rooted in my spiritual strength, and guided by the Divine Feminine. All the different pieces I have been consciously struggling with for the last week (and for much longer unconsciously!) were lifted and I feel so much spaciousness inside. It completely transformed how I was relating with myself and consequently with my partner! Thank you!

Kaualani P.

Chi Gung Instructor

During our first session I had a breakthrough that led me to a huge shift. Within the next week I had over 10 new clients and was putting people on a waiting list for sessions! I even received the opportunity to bring my work global, which is one of my visions for my work.

Monika Marczuk

Reiki Practitioner

Through working with Julie I am watching my business take off. I'm letting go of the idea that promoting my work is difficult and embracing the freedom that comes with owning my potential. I offer a unique and valuable service and Julie is helping me connect that with clients and dollars. This way everyone wins! If you have any measure of "poverty mentality" check Julie out.

Denise LaBarre

Author | Teacher

Patricia Krown

Patricia Krown


My experience of Julie has been one of awe, amazement, appreciation and deep gratitude to her for her integrity, straightforwardness, clarity, professionalism, compassion, grounded-ness, generosity and ‘no-nonsense, tell it like it is’ approach to life.

Her channeling & coaching are impeccable.

She reminds me that whatever we are seeking ‘outside’ is already ‘inside’ and whatever information she may offer or impart is merely a reflection of what we have overlooked, forgotten or don’t trust in ourSelves. This view allow me to return to my own empowerment and create from there.

Last and certainly of the utmost importance is her sense of humor and her ability to see the JOY, DELIGHT and FUN in life and bring that to ALL she offers. Being in Julie’s presence is truly a GIFT and one everyone would benefit greatly by giving themSelves!!

Aileen Cancino

Physical Trainer

Another powerful and healing call today - I did exactly as you suggested, Julie, and I feel so much lighter, forgiving, and grateful. You really have a way, a talent, a GIFT to bring forth what lies in the depths within....which then allows for healing and growth to happen. Thank You Julie!

Julie has a great talent and gift for getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to energy / emotional blocks. Her approach is direct, yet gentle - fast, yet effective. I recommend Julie to anyone who is ready to go down the rabbit hole --- her style works for me and has done me very well. Thank you Julie.

Emmanuel Bombardier

Emmanuel Bombardier

Founder | The Intention Call

I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing healers, energy workers & channels for quiet some time doing radio and touring conscious events and festivals… My experience of Julie and her work has brought my awareness of what is possible to a completely new level. The reason I love working with her so much is because I never know what kind of magical experience is in store for me.

Within a couple hours of our last healing I received over a thousand unexpected dollars. This is coming from clients I thought were never going to pay. She helped me clear some unconscious block that allowed for this abundance to flow in with such ease. So so SO grateful for your work Julie. I feel incredibly “lucky” to have manifested you in my life! Thank YOU!

Cindy Andrews

Cindy Andrews

Physical Therapist

I watch you model this listening technique just like you are teaching us to do. I feel that you listen to me this way during our sessions. You come without an agenda for me, are totally present and it's all about me. So, being on the other side of listening....and am listened has a huge impact.


The reason I am so drawn to our coaching and you, Julie, is because that's what I've yearned for my whole life. Your listening is reaching in and touching a part deep with my soul by your listening and being totally present. As a child and an adult, I mostly want to be listened to and heard. Thanks!!

Thanks for your/our work!

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