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Many of you are aware that you have been living in societies and cultures where the patriarchy has been the norm.  Where the rule of the masculine has been valued over your own feminine.

As there have been an asking by so many of you for balance – for more peace – there is a natural awakening and shift to embrace feminine consciousness, feminine power.

We are here to bring forth that vibration through this channel so that you may begin to vibrate or access that part of your own consciousness and activate it – hone it – utilize the aspects of your being that have lie dormant to create from a place of your Godself.  And to do so – this balancing of the feminine with the masculine – is part of the process.

Allow yourself to trust your inner knowings – that is your intuition.  Allow yourself to go inward and listen - that is your feminine knowing.  Allow yourself to explore your creativity.  When one creates your life connected to your own source – the outcome is always peaceful, aligned and beneficial to the whole.

The feminine can be soft and nurturing.  It also can be powerfully strong and opening.

The feminine can be sensual in your creative expression.  Do not deny this part of your being any longer.  Use that sensuality to stay connected to the deeper core of our being and your natural desire to express all aspects of your being in this physical manifestation process.

What we mean by this is that by embracing your sensuality you bring your energy into deeper connection with the earth.  There is an earthly quality to your sensuality.  And in discounting it, in shutting it down, you disconnect from the root of your being here on the earth plane.

As you reclaim that aspect, you ground who you are – your Godself- into this incarnation process and allow that part of you to express uniquely through this physical form – through this life that you have chosen.

The feminine is healing much shame that has been put upon her for centuries.  Release the shackles.  Embrace your freedom.  Express your fullness.

It will bring great healing and peace within you.

That is our wish – our blessing – for you at this moment.

At this moment in history, as you embrace all of who you are and make the shift to a higher level of consciousness and a deeper level of relating – both with yourself and with other.  You have come to participate in your human experience and bring forth your Godself, your Higher Self, the source of who you are into the human experience.

They are not separate, they are the same.  And yet you are the bridge to allow that which you are to express through this physical incarnation process.

You do so for the growth, for the joy it brings, for the benefit to the planet and to your fellow brother’s and sister’s who are walking similar paths and may need the support of your light to remember their own.

Listen.  Listen to that deeper calling from within.  As you answer that calling, all the deep peace and fulfillment and service that you wish to bring is yours.

Our blessings are with you.

(channeled by Julie Migneault)

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