Direct Channeled Message from The Divine Feminine Collective via Julie Migneault

We come to you in gratitude. We come to you with our hearts open to connect. We are a collective of the feminine; showing you the way to your inner peace and balance by embracing the authentic power of your feminine nature.

What is it that you are wanting to create in the world? What is your soul nudging you toward and asking of you? Your soul's longing and your own longing are the same. Connecting with this place will lead to the fulfillment of your purpose here in this time space reality.

What is it that your body and your spirit are asking for? Nourish yourself. Nourish yourself in each moment that you can. It is in this place of self-nourishment that you will remember your power, beauty and magnificence.

How can you connect more fully with your inner guidance system? What are your emotions telling you? What do your gut instincts lead you to? You no longer need to continually look outside yourself for the answers, when everything that you are searching for is contained within your being. You are connected to all that is and have access to all that is.

Take these question we have posed to you as food for thought. Allow them to sink in to your being and inspire you to awaken to the true nature of your being. It's magnificence, love and wonder.

You are magnificent creators. We honor your journeys of growth and evolution, as they are leading you back to yourself; and in your awakening to who you really are, you are supporting so many in awakening to their true nature, as well.

We connect with you in deep gratitude and openness. We are honored to serve you on your journey and send our blessings of love and compassion to each and everyone of you.

The Divine Feminine Collective

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