The last year of my life has asked me to dig deep within to show up with more connection to myself, more love and more service. I had to move beyond any tendency to disconnect or move away from painful struggle happening around me and consciously CHOOSE to stay open - all while being challenged to hold healthy and self-honoring boundaries.

The experiences of my last year - which include many powerful experiences, the most impactful being the death of my beloved best friend - have brought me massive gifts that I continue to integrate.

What the last year has so graciously taught me is that the way I show up for life, for myself and for those in my life is far more meaningful than any achievement or creation I birth.

*How do I show up for myself?

*How do I meet challenge?

*How do I show up for others?

In showing up for myself with depth of connection, I feel a sense of being able to meet life and others in a way that brings peace, fulfillment and meaning.

As I love myself while taking responsibility for my weaknesses and human messiness, I grow in my capacity to be the person I choose to be. Life is no longer happening to me, I am showing up for the mystery of life. My connections are deeper and more loving.

Thank you, life, for this beautiful lesson.

May we all learn to show up for ourselves in ways that nourish us and bring true connection, love and healing to everything we touch.

I invite you to slow down for a moment, focus on your breath, place your hand over your heart and ask yourself:   How am I showing up for life?

Being gentle with yourself, allow the answer to this question to arise.

The real meaning in our lives can not be accessed when we focus solely on achieving and creating. The real meaning we experience comes from the way we choose to live.

Each day we have countless choices - Will I show up in love? Can I let go of being right? Can I tolerate the pain within me and around me and choose to keep me heart open? What's most important, truly important, right now?

Part of my work in the world is to reconnect you with your best, most authentic self. The one that is highly self-honoring while choosing the fullness of life.

My experience is that there is so much more to a fully engaged and meaningful life than our career achievements, bank balance, relationships out of convenience, or the perceived safety these things bring us.


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As you identify and make the shifts I'll teach you, everything becomes more alive, on purpose and fulfilling.

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All my love,

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