Tobin Giblin & Julie Migneault offer a powerful live coaching session to their guest, Angel.  Angel is feeling stuck in her desire to really make something happen with all of her creative ideas.  As they dive in together, Angel is held by Tobin & Julie in some very tender emotions.  She moves through them to access a well of deep wisdom within her.  The results are immediate clarity and next steps in her life that are doable, rewarding and result in a huge amount of creative energy.  Join us to FEEL THE HEALING HAPPENING!!

If you’re seeking more creative expression, to get clear on what your’d like to create or want to move through a feeling of stagnation in your life, apply for a free live coaching session with Tobin & Julie here:

This week’s embodiment flavor of the week is CREATIVITY.

*What is the true nature of creativity that is the very nature of the universe?

*How do you remove the roadblocks to accessing your own creativity?

*How do the results of more creativity – a very alive life – impact your wellbeing, day-to-day feeling of satisfaction and more?

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Of course, this dynamic duo DANCES CREATIVITY in our live video footage.  Check it out here: