February is the perfect time of year to deepen.  The excitement of the holidays and the New Year is wearing itself out, and all the amazing intentions and resolutions we set can feel overwhelming, right?

I've been witnessing this fear arising in me around all the powerful intentions I've set... "Will I really be able to stay true to my potential this year?"   My phrase for the year is #nolimits... which was exciting when I first identified it... but now it can feel a bit scary to move forward without any self-imposed limits!

That's why I'm sharing this five minute exercise to catalyze you to create everything you want & more in 2015!

In this video you'll learn:

  • Where you'd ACTUALLY like to be at the end of 2015 so you don't get burnt out moving toward goals that aren't significant or meaningful to you...
  • Where your roadblocks might be so they don't sneak up and startle you.
  • How to course correct now so that you enjoy the creative process this year and end up at the end of the year feeling incredible about who you're being and what you've lived!

Plus I'm sharing a super cool invitation for a COMPLIMENTARY "Catalyze 2015 Session" with yours truly!

ALRIGHT.. here is your 5 minute exercise to catalyst 2015 (and your life)

STEP ONE:  (Scenario #1) Envision Yourself At The End of 2015....

...and you’ve stepped forward, healed, opened and grown in the most beautiful and expansive ways you can imagine this year.  You’re truly living your ideal life as you reflect on 2015. From this place ask yourself:

  • What did I do this year?
  • Who did I spend the year with?
  • How did it feel along the way?
  • How do I feel as you reflect on 2015?

STEP TWO:  (Scenario #2) Envision Yourself At The End of 2015....

...and in this scenario, imagine that you haven't changed and thus your circumstances haven't changed.   I want you to imagine that you’re doing exactly the same things that you’re doing right now: you’re making choices in the same way, your communicating in the same way, you’re moving through life in the same way….  From this place ask yourself:

  • What did I do this year?
  • Who did I spend the year with?
  • How did it feel along the way?
  • How do I feel as you reflect on 2015?

STEP THREE:  Reflect And Answer These Revealing "Power Qs"

  1.  The #1 thing that was different between scenario #1 and scenario #2 is?
  2. What or who do I need to do or be differently to create my ideal life that I envisioned in Scenario #1?
  3. What is one action I can take that will support me in being or doing things differently?


If you feel interested and excited at the chance at my complimentary Catalyze 2015 Session, complete this quick application to apply for one of 10 available!  Remember, please only apply if you're serious about moving forward and are ready to be open and honest with yourself!  The deadline to apply is Monday, February 9th!  My team will get back to you soon to set up your session time:

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Thanks for being here. 🙂 It's meaningful to me!  See ya'll soon...


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