What We'll Do During Your Complimentary Session

  • PART ONE: Connect With The Wisdom Of Your Soul 33% 33%
  • PART TWO: Identify self-sabotaging patterns and clear the blocks to what you most desire 67% 67%
  • PART THREE: Receive clear guidance and create your Soul Plan to inner peace & freedom! 100% 100%



You might be wondering if this is another one of those hidden sales-pitches!  I want to be straight with you and answer a question you might be asking yourself...

Why am I offering these sessions for free?Julie_Freedom

I'm offering this session for free because I'm a highly trained intuitive, healer and expert at guiding individuals to accessing their own inner wisdom, transforming patterns that have been holding them back, and breaking free to a life that’s guided by the wisdom of their soul.  When you do this, it results in ultimate freedom, inner peace and clarity on how to best step forward to the life that brings you the most joy, happiness & fulfillment.

Generally, a session like this would cost $300+.

I realize that if you get a lot out of our session, you may want my continued support.  If it seems like it's a good fit, I will be happy to provide it. If we both want to move forward, I'll share the details on my transformational program with you. My programs start at $2997.

But please do not worry! There is absolutely no obligation to move forward with my continued support. I promise I won't be sales-y or try to convince you of anything. My intention is to truly support you on your path - with integrity and in the way that I've helped hundreds of others. At the very least, you're going to leave the session with much more clarity and direction!


Unfortunately, I won't be able to say yes to everyone... I've got limited time slots on my calendar and I want to be sure that you're someone I can really help. Please read through the criteria before applying below:


  • You feel stuck & stagnant in a job/relationship that isn’t working. You KNOW there is something MORE for you and your life, but you don’t know what it is or how to step into it.
  • You have tried lots of things, but still feel like your fear, doubt, and old patterns hold you back from a)knowing what you truly want and what's best for you and/or b)creating traction (despite your best efforts) in creating your deepest desires with ease.
  • You understand the exponential growth that comes when you invest in yourself and your dreams. You are looking for someone who can support you in achieving your next level of success, healing & fulfillment


  • You are not committed to taking action.
  • You're more interested in staying comfortable than honoring your personal truth.
  • You like to be told what to do instead of listening to what's right & true for you (with support & guidance!)
  • You already know that you don’t need/want the support of transformative healing work & spiritual guidance.

I am absolutely thrilled to support you in and creating new ways of being that allow you to step forward into a life that is deeply fulfilling - one where you do your soul’s work, express yourself fully and create meaningful relationships.

Scroll down and complete the brief application and we'll let you know within 48 hours if you've been selected for a complimentary private session! Our team will make sure you get on my calendar asap.

I believe in you.

With Fierce Love,

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

India Arie

India Arie

Singer | Songwriter | Record Producer

"Julie's journey from high powered business world to the spiritual world and learning to blend the two is something I really get.  I resonate with Julie.  Her joyful personality, combined with her insights and the uplifted feeling i feel after we speak -- I truly have enjoyed our work.  Our conversations REALLY make a difference to my experience."

Shereen Thor

Shereen Thor

CEO | Awaken The Rebel

"Working with Julie has helped me to access parts of myself that have been dead for years.  I've been able to unearth and heal pain that - without her help - I wouldn't have known was holding me back.

I honestly feel that as a result of my work with Julie, I have gotten a piece of myself back.  I feel more alive, more powerful, more vulnerable, more real, and more whole than I've felt in years.

If you have the chance to work with Julie, I highly recommend seizing it immediately.  There are benefits in this work with her that may not be apparent until after you take the plunge, but I can guarantee you it's worth it."

Ahalya Kumaran

Ahalya Kumaran

Leadership & Career Coach

“Julie is a miracle worker! Before working with her, I used to automatically judge my emotions as good or bad, embracing the good feelings and not allowing space to deeply feel the negative ones. Most of the time I didn’t even know they were there!

Julie taught me how to get in touch with all my feelings, especially the ones that were deep below the surface. Now, no matter what happens in my life, I slow down to be with all of my feelings, even the ones I generally haven’t wanted to feel such as sadness, disappointment, and fear.

This new level of honesty with myself has resulted in a real magic that happens. I can actually feel healing happen and I become instantly clear about what to do (or not do) and have a deep sense of peace and trust within myself.  It’s incredible!”

Sheilagh Mercer

Sheilagh Mercer

Fine Artist

I feel so loved from my sessions with Julie and the energy she channels. I cannot help to return that love and gratitude in my life. Julie is supportive and offers answers in ways that are less limiting and allow for my highest expansion possible.

There is an honoring of my greater attributes, even if seemingly dormant. Through my sessions, I realize I am on the right path. I have felt the shift of releasing deeply felt trauma; I have resolved life-long issues through my work with Julie over the last year.

Her wisdom comes through in a way that even my “hard-to-manage” issues dissolve into love of self. We truly need not go it alone. The sessions bring the most sacred love and respect, yet with compassion. I easily forgive myself, because I feel forgiven. It is as if the child is held by the mother and nurtured. This has allowed my confidence in myself and my abilities to soar. Thanks, love and blessings!

Carol McNulty Huffman

Carol McNulty Huffman

Health Consultant | Wellspring Empowerment International

Julie helped me to more completely integrate my business life into every other aspect of my life – from my personal care and spiritual practices to family, parenting and leisure, etc. This has given me better overall balance in life, along with more business success at the same time! Within six weeks of working together my income doubled!

Kevin Hansford

Kevin Hansford

Founder | Bold Without Apology

Julie is incredible at helping one move through the "chatter", focus their energy, and be in the now. My experiences with her have been beyond eye opening. I've gone from this defensive, masculine stance on relationships to surrendering to the truth of what I want. I just get REAL MOVEMENT, REAL RESULTS.

Meet Julie

Meet Julie

Julie Migneault, MBA is the founder of The 10 Day Inner Guidance Challenge and co-founder of The Freedom Movement. After exploring her analytical side for over a decade in the corporate world, Julie said YES to her natural gifts as an intuitive, healer and catalyst for lasting transformation. She trained at the world-renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing. With a deep thirst to live from inner truth, she supports hundreds to access their own inner guidance to lead them to their greatest fulfillment.