This week’s Embodiment Flavor of the Week is AUTHENTICITY:

**What is a very real reason that causes us to deny our own inner truth?


**How can we transform this and step into every deepening expressions of our authentic truth?

**What is the true value of authenticity and how can we face our fears of being more purely who we are?

**How does embodying authenticty create more joy and love in our lives?

Catch the video of Julie & Tobin exploring this topic, and watch our ally from, Juna Mustad, DANCE AUTHENTICITY as they return to Embodied Awakening Radio to share their beauty and love with us, once again.

Also on this week's show, Tobin welcomes our guest, Ajaya Sommers from Alchemy of the Heart.  Ajaya is a beautiful real-life example of what Tobin & Julie refer to as someone living the path of embodied awakening.

Together Tobin & Ajaya explore what Soverign Love means.  Ajaya shares the very human journey she has taken that gives her the lived experience of finding love within and allowing this to deepen every aspect of her experience, including intimate relationship.

Ajaya brings clear wisdom, true love, authenticity, lived peace, humility, purpose and beauty. Her sharing offers us a transmission of what life can look like as we embrace the unknown, face our selves and open to love.

Find out more about her work at  and Listen Now:

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