Do you feel like a drone in your job?  You dread getting up and going into the office every day, but have no idea how to break free?

Shereen Faltas shares how a quarter-life crisis opened her to awaken her inner rebel and create her life by design.  She is the Founder of Awaken The Rebel, a movement that helps people who feel disenchanted with their lives to stop settling for less and awaken their inner rebellious spirit so that they can live an extraordinary life by their design.

Shereen gives it to us straight - with the behind the scenes look at how she built her life by design and how you can too.

Her Awaken The Rebel Live Event is happening January 18th & 19th of 2014 in Los Angeles.  As a listener of Embodied Awakening, we've hooked you up with a $100 discount, bringing the price to only $197.  Use the promo code ATRLiveD786 when you book your ticket here:

Join today's show and be inspired by Shereen's journey, her vibrant energy and her astonishing story of how to create your extraordinary life.

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