You may find yourself experiencing a heightened sense of fear, uncertainty or anxiety.  However this may manifest for you, we encourage you to sink into the core of your being and allow the emotions of uncertainty to lead you back to the truth of who you are.

There is a heightened level of fear and uncertainty in your mass consciousness – in the collective thought forms and emotional field of your planet.

You support healing by going within and sourcing from deep within yourself.  As you do, notice the fear and uncertainty diminish.  Notice that you become more comfortable with the notion of being in the unknown.

You are shifting your creative process – the process through which you create your lives – from one where you give away your power for perceived demands and expectations of others others, to a a creative process where you are connected to your core and allowing your authentic essence to shine forth.  The shift can be uncomfortable at times, as it means letting go of that which no longer serves you.  As with any new way of being, it takes time and patience to gain your footing.

Embrace the process.  Know that as you stay with your truth and your desire for freedom, love and acceptance – you will create those in your experience.  Disconnect from the external inputs that no longer serve.  Reconnect with who you truth are.  Your soul is guiding you.  You have all the answers within you.  And when you are uncertain, rest in the center of your heart, trusting your unique unfoldment.  It is all happening for your greatest good.

Many blessings to you.

Channeling by Julie Migneault

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