This morning I woke up and scanned my emails. One had a message that caused me to feel immediate tension in my stomach. I put my running shoes on and headed out for a run, trying to calm my mind. But my mind kept racing, thinking about what I needed to do to fix this, who I needed to get in touch with, etc.

As I continued on my run, trapped in my mind, the sun shining through a beautiful native Maui tree caught my attention! I stopped in my tracks and looked around me. The expansive ocean in the distance, the strong trees all around me, the crystal clear blue sky and the soft breeze on my face. I looked up at Maui's beautiful, vibrant landscape. I had been so wrapped up in thought, I was missing it!

In that moment, I remembered an exercise I recently did with one of my teachers. As part of a class I'm taking with her, she led us through a guided meditation to visualize our "Ideal Day." In my visualization, my ideal day looks something like this...

I wake up with my partner and look out from my bedroom at the ocean. I get up to do some exercise - either running or a yoga class. I then come home and sit in my beautiful yard to meditate and align my intention for the day, open my energy centers and connect fully with myself and the earth. I then have a peaceful morning of writing or catching up with emails before I start seeing clients in the afternoon. I work with my clients doing the intuitive work I love in a way that brings them great benefit to their lives. My day ends with dinner with friends before I settle in for the night.

Quite different than what my busy life in NYC looked!

As I was struck by Maui's beauty during my run this morning, it shifted me out of my problem and into deep appreciation for this opportunity to be present to the reality of the situation - my ideal day is right before me!

As I returned home from my run, I sat in the yard looking out over the ocean, meditating, aligning my intention for the day and connecting with myself.

Now, as I sit here this morning writing, I have tears in my eyes and so much appreciation in my heart to have the chance to connect with you through this newsletter. I'll be leading my "Successful Private Practice for Healers" program over the phone this afternoon, followed by two client sessions. Tonight, my boyfriend and I are hosting a "Game Night" with our friends at my house.

Wow! I hadn't even realized that I had created my ideal day, and here it is! Suddenly, I feel deep gratitude for the lesson that this "so called problem" I was faced with this morning has taught me. It awakened me to what's really true for me.

Now, my question to you is this: Can you connect with one or more aspects of your day that is part of your ideal life? Maybe it's a moment of true connection with a loved one, appreciation for the chance to do an activity you love or excitement for the coming weekend. Notice what arises in you as you do this. And most importantly, acknowledge yourself for having created this experience. Allow it to remind you that you are a powerful creator and will continue to create more of what you are wanting.

With love,


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