Julie Migneault gets real and personal as she shares how she transformed her life from unhappy emptiness to an embodied, full and meaningful life using Energy Healing as a holistic system for healing and awakening.

She teaches us the basics of energy and energy healing in a way that opens us to the truth of this modality.

Julie is also joined by Tobin Giblin, spiritual counselor and author of “The Art of Mindful Living”

Together they explore the ‘Embodiment Flavor of the Week: Emotional Responsibility’.  It’s a hot topic!  What do YOU do when your emotions are running high in relationship?  React?  Walk away?  Or do you allow the energy to transform into greater love?  Julie & Tobin explore how you can do this as they share their own experience relating together when things got hot and sticky!

If you’d like to receive Julie’s very special offer of 100 healing sessions for $100, please email her at support@julie-migneault.com.  Julie or her team will get back to you right away for scheduling.

Listen to today's exciting show:


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