In an amazing opportunity for listeners of Embodied Awakening, Julie interviews internationally acclaimed healer, clairvoyant and medicine woman, Rosalyn L. Bruyere. We cover topics of self-healing, clinical research of energy work, cultural tolerance and so much more. What a blessing to bring Rosalyn to you!

Acknowledged by the keepers of medicine and shamanic traditions on several continents, Rosalyn is committed to learning, practicing and preserving the ancient ways. The grace with which she moves between cultures, honors their sacred traditions and gathers knowledge from varying disciplines has made Rosalyn a welcome and honored guest in Hopi Kiva, African hut and Tibetan temple alike.

Founder and director of the Healing Light Center Church, Reverend Bruyere has committed her life to the teaching of these sacred and ancient disciplines, thereby providing her students with practical tools for living the spiritual life, while introducing them to the venerable traditions from which those tools are derived. Her goal is to encourage the compassionate healing and empowerment of the individual, believing that as we each heal, we can be of greater assistance in the healing of the world.

Listen to the interview here:

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