Are you ready for another inspiring look at what it means to live a fully alive, fully embodied life? A life where there is true meaning?

Julie and co-host Tobin Giblin offer up an share about what it means to embody BOLDNESS in a way that allows you the full expression of your authentic self.

Next, Julie is joined by Amrita Grace, global workshop leader and author of “Reclaiming Aphrodite”, who recently took a major detour through breast cancer. As soon as she was diagnosed, she named her experience as her Breast Cancer Mystery School, and has walked through it with eyes and heart wide open. Now just eight weeks out from her double mastectomy and reconstruction, she has made a phenomenal recovery, and believes that cancer is not an enemy to be fought, but an ally and a teacher. Amrita shares vulnerably and very personally, as she offers up the true gift that breast cancer has been in her life. She teaches us the art of integrating life’s big lessons with grace, joy and compassion. Receive her generous offering for a free copy of her book at



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