This with Tobin and Julie kick-off the show with a super sweet exploration of EMBODYING INTEGRITY in this week’s Embodiment Flavor of the Week. Catch them DANCING INTEGRITY in this week’s video clip:

Next, Julie Migneault is joined in a powerful exploration with sustainability specialist, Amber Bieg, as they expand upon the problem with gifting circles.

*Have you been invited or are participating in a women’s gifting circle?

*Are you confused or overwhelmed by all of the attention these circle’s are getting?

*Do you desire sacred community with other women and/or truly viable economic models?

Amber and Julie offer their expertise in the field of sustainability with a depth of spiritual connection to this conversation. You will leave with clarity, awareness and real understanding of why the gifting circle model simply doesn’t work. Be held in a space of love, compassion and understanding as you begin to unravel and heal from your experience with a gifting circle. Learn new, more sustainable models for economic and spiritual support.

Amber’s presentation on this topic received over 11,000 views in just one week. You can access it here:

This is an important show with a very relevant discussion to support your embodied awakening.

Please email Julie at if you would like some support stepping away from a gifting circle with integrity and healing.

Listen Here Now:

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