Hi Beautiful Reader,

I have been spending this week in the unknown.

I have to say, it's becoming a very familiar place for me! I find that the more full of aliveness I become, the more I experience the "I don't know" of my life. The unknown can many times feel to me like "I'm LOST" and not sure what direction to take.

Can you relate?

Over the years - and not without serious resistance at times - I am becoming more and more comfortable with the unknown.

Here are some of my personal learning's from EMBRACING THE UNKNOWN that I offer in support of the times you feel unclear, unsure or lost:



I've learned that the feeling of "I'm LOST" is my clear indication that it's time to embrace a place of stasis in my life. It's the clear indication to go within and just be.

Usually this means I will have to tolerate some uncomfortable feelings that arise as I acknowledge my fears of what "might happen" if I (god-forbid) stop DOING for a moment. 🙂

I've learned to TRUST that when I embrace the unknown and let myself sit with what seems like endless open space, SOMETHING new will emerge. A new impulse WILL come and carry me forward on my journey. It may take a few moments, a few days or sometimes weeks. But we live in a universe that is in constant motion. It's not possible to stay stuck for too long if we surrender to the greater intelligence of life and let the next authentic wave come and pick us up, moving us toward something new.

I've learned that acting from fear or my ego when I'm unclear about the way forward, inevitably creates something that isn't in alignment with my deepest truth. And it's usually painful. When I sit in the unknown, a greater intelligence within me has the space to offer it's wisdom. When I lead from this wisdom, I experience more joy and fulfillment in my life.

Consider that something you have not yet thought of or can't yet perceive may be just around the corner when you resist the temptation to take action from your reason or fear. This requires the precious time of sitting in the unknown. Embrace the unknown - let it be the teacher that it is. Let life unfold and see what happens....

As I embrace the unknown, it becomes a beautiful and peaceful space from which my creativity unfolds.


This week, I embraced my feeling of being LOST as I revisited how I can best be of service through my work. This led me to a session with my business coach, where she poked some holes in my pre-conceived notions about what I think I'm here to do.

GRRR! This brought up a huge initial wave of resistance. As I sat with the resistance, I realized she was pointing to the ways I've been playing small. She helped me to see that I've been attached to a vision that I have for myself. And the REASON I'm attached to my vision is because that the way I see it unfolding is the way that feels SAFEST to me.

When we actually allow our creativity and purpose to UNFOLD, instead of pre-supposing what it is and how it looks - we limit ourselves. We limit our growth and our service to the world.

So, with the support of my business coach and my willingness to sit with my LOST feeling, something new has emerged. I am feeling less LOST, and again feeling the scary place of being on my edge. I am embracing the fear and choosing to allow this new creative wave to pick me up and carry me forward.

I'll keep you posted on what emerges from this new creative space!!

In the meantime, I share my experience this week in hopes that wherever you are at in your creative journey - you know you're not alone. Each step - whether exhilarating or uncomfortable - serves to support your growth and fulfillment.

All my love,


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