Hi Freedom-Seeker!

Sitting by the beautiful pool meditating while visiting my parents this week, I felt a deep gratitude for my life upwell within me. It is a profound blessing to have the freedom to explore myself, what’s truly meaningful and to serve in ways I feel called.

It dawned on me in that moment that despite not yet making six figures in my business, I am living a seven figure lifestyle.

Now, I want to set the record straight - sometimes people can peer in from the outside and think…

“It's easy for YOU!"

I'm guilty of this at times - when I see someone actualizing their dream an old response can be... "Well, it's easy for them because they had this or that to do it." Of course, it's just a story!

The truth is I come from a hard-working middle-class family and I learned from a young age how to work. My father was born into a family of farmers and lumberjacks in very rural Eastern Canada. He worked hard after receiving his high-school degree and started his family. He didn't have space in his life to continue his education until I was about 11 or 12 years old. I watched him sacrifice personal pleasures and time with the family as he went back to school for his college degree in order to strengthen the container for our family to flourish.

I've shared with him in the past that his perseverance is a big reason I take all of these risks in my life toward my dream. I acknowledge him for creating a solid foundation for me to leap off of.

As I’ve leaped countless times into the unknown toward what I’ve wanted, I’ve given up financial comforts on more than one occasion for extended periods of time in order to see my bigger dream through.

Leaving my cushy salary in NYC four years ago was one of those times... Since then I’ve struggled through some scary places to grow into a new level of wealth and abundance consciousness.

TWEET IT: The greatest lesson of risking it all to follow my heart is that I've found my experience of abundance comes from within me.

Now I find myself living a life of total freedom to be who I am and do what I want. My business is mobile - I take it with me wherever I go. I've chosen to live in the magical Hawaiian Islands where nature envelopes me. My relationships are full of connection and true support. Opportunities that are aligned with my highest good show up as if by seeming magic. It's MY millionaire lifestyle.

So how can you start to live YOUR millionaire lifestyle right now? Here are four powerful keys to live your millionaire lifestyle right now:


A millionaire lifestyle does not mean you go about acquiring more STUFF. Instead it comes from being super clear on your highest values and priorities. KNOWING your highest values and priorities automatically simplifies your life and makes it much easier to spend your money on what matters. I value personal & spiritual growth, the freedom to be me fully, to do what I love and live a healthy lifestyle. Knowing this and honoring this means that my money strategically goes towards these things. I may not drive a Jaguar... but I AM nourished by the things I do invest in because the things I invest in actually bring me joy!

number2BE OPEN

Leaving my cushy salary and starting my own business while in an expensive four-year training program made me believe that I would have to scrimp and sacrifice in a lot of other areas of my life. Looking back at this time of transition, my life has been more abundant than ever - even BEFORE my business became profitable. How can this be this? As I followed my heart toward my dream, doors and opportunities began to open. Sometimes seemingly small ones, and sometimes big giant gifts. This required me to STRETCH in my capacity to RECEIVE. (Something that's very challenging for so many of us!) An old habit of saying "That's ok!" or "No thank you!" when presented with an opportunity I unconsciously felt guilty about receiving had to dissolve. As I stay open to all that life has to offer, I receive so many unexpected things from so many unexpected places! Over the last few years this has included a guest pass to a $2000 business training that was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. It's included invitations to "housesit" in beautiful homes so that I was able to travel and explore new places.

Opportunities are everywhere, but we have look at any places we hold ourselves back from receiving to open to receive them. TWEET IT


Visiting my family and sitting by the amazing pool in their complex… I don’t take this for granted. I breath in the luxury of it, the beauty of the palm trees and the soft breeze. Living in Maui, Hawaii… I don't focus on the activities or experiences I can't yet afford, instead I relish the gift of living on a tropical island. I soak in my freedom to go to the beach every day and drink in the sunset. These things don't cost me money - they are choices. I choose to be grateful for all that I have and it feels like a million bucks!


Studies show that millionaires don’t throw their money around fruitlessly. They are strategic in their investments while (hopefully) enjoying the pleasures of life. They are resourceful - which means they manage their resources well. To live a millionaire lifestyle now, you begin by being resourceful with what you have. If I need to learn something new in order to take my business to the next level - I find out what the options are. Who might be able to point me in the direction? What book can I read that will give me greater insights? The Internet provides us endless resources. Never once has money been the thing that has stopped me from growing my business. With resourcefulness, I live the lifestyle I most enjoy right in this very moment.

As I continue to expand in my awareness of what's possible, I make choices for my highest priories, and stay open to the abundance of opportunities that come in various forms. I find gratitude in the beauty of a sunset and the freedom to be in deep conversation with a friend. And I make good use of what I’ve got.

I wouldn’t change a thing about the lifestyle I’ve created! Of course, as I grow, my desires and lifestyle will shift and change to match my priorities. However, saying yes to my dream and allowing myself the freedom to be who I am and serve in the way I feel called has given me the lifestyle of my dreams right now.

I invite you to live your millionaire lifestyle right now. Follow your heart, stay open, be grateful and cultivate resourcefulness. Watch how your experience of being FREE expands as you do, my friend!

Love, Julie xo

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