Today, the darkest day of the year, I want to share with you a little bit about one bright bright light who has transitioned from this life, Stef.

I didn't know Stef all that well, though I felt like I did. Stef and I met in a shared a cab ride from the airport in Miami to our school, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

We immediately had a strong soul recognition and connection. You know when you just click with someone? Both from NY, she lived in New Zealand, and I lived in Hawaii. We both had the rather effortless ability to channel guidance and got to chat about that unique experience. During our week-long intensives at school, we would find each other at the organized dances and play & be free together.

Though we weren't physically close - and didn't really connect much outside of our school weeks - she reached out to me about a year ago. It was then that I learned that this woman in her early 30's had been through three rounds of breast cancer starting at age 14, and that the cancer was back.

The next update was an email I received from my mentor two days ago. It turned out she was Stef's mentor & healer, too. She shared with me that Stef was surrendering to her experience and was in the process of transitioning. Stef had specifically mentioned me, requested my prayers and knew that I would remember her dancing. The way she wanted to be remembered.

In the year since she had reached out to me, Stef's cancer had spread. She had gone through extensive alternative therapies, chemo, radiation and even the amputation of her leg. She passed away last night.

I spent last night reading her blog and holding her in prayer. I remember her as a powerful and bright light who studied at the best healing school in the world. I remember her dancing. I have now read about her accomplishments as an actor and voice-over-artist. She was a wife and the mother to two young children. I remember her talking about her children with such incredible love and understanding of their uniqueness.

What I am most inspired by is the way that Stef choose to face her challenges. To face her battle with cancer. It seems like too much for one person to face - and certainly much too soon. And yet she not only fought for life and healed from cancer three times, she really LIVED. I invite you to read some of her potent words here in her letter to a cancer patient.

Her soul choose this potent time of year - the solstice - to make her transition. The time when the veil between worlds is thin. When we have access to the darkness. The place of pure potential. Of emptiness. Of peace.

Tonight we'll be holding a live solstice meditation. The meditation will be in honor of Stef's beautiful life and in support of her transition. I hope you can join me for this powerful gathering where we reconnect with inner peace and open to the pure potential of the vast darkness.

If you haven't yet registered and you'd like to join us, please click here to register. It's happening tonight (Monday, Dec 21, 2015) at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern.

May we all allow the light of our soul's to shine brightly and melt any places that we protect or withhold our love. May we express our love more freely tonight.


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PS.  Here is the full link to register and join us: