I have been pondering how to put into words the depth of my recent experiences. One of my best friends, Emmanuel Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.51.28 AMBombardier, the visionary founder of The Intention Call, has transitioned home.

At just 27 years old, he passed on June 6th after a long journey with stage four cancer.

I was with Emmanuel when he was diagnosed last August. I was with him as he struggled to come to terms with what was happening in his body. I was with him as he courageously fought to live. And I was close by, holding space as he surrendered to the bigger path that his soul was guiding him towards on June 6th.

Being with him over the last year has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I've grieved at seeing him in pain. I have celebrated all the growth of his journey, and I've been opened to a deep place in the center of my heart that is forever changed by his presence on the earth.

Death is a part of life. Being up close with death has brought me face-to-face with my own fears and showed me the beauty in dying. The beauty in letting go of what we know to expand into more.

As I contemplate how I want to live now, I feel a deep upwelling to SHOW UP FULLY. Show up for the joy, show up for the pain, show up for the laughter, the grief, the FULLNESS of life.

I invite you to show up for your life. I invite you to slow down, disconnect from the day-to-day dramas, and really take a moment to let Emmanuel's life touch yours and inspire you to ask the important questions:

*How am I living?

*Who am I being?

*What do I truly want?

*Can I take the risk to step toward it?

Sit quietly and ask yourself if now is the time for you to say YES to your bigness. YES to your brilliance. YES to a life that is profoundly beautiful and full of meaning. A life where you are being you, showing up for you - and as you do so, allowing everything around you to come into alignment.

  • Your relationships deepen.
  • Your work becomes more meaningful.
  • You finally step into the career path that you love.
  • You feel more vital and alive.
  • You access your creativity and passion.

Three days before Emmanuel died, he spent time with his longtime mastermind buddies. Together they connected with Emmanuel's YES. I was touched as I heard him re-connect with what's truly most important to him.  What was most important to him in his final moments were the people in his life, and the way he was living even in his final days.

Thank you, Emmanuel, for inspiring me to show up and live fully. Thank you for the thousands of lives you touched with your beautiful heart.

All my love,

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