An article from Maui Vision Magazine by Julie Migneault

Have you ever noticed that certain people seem to have a glow about them? They are authentic, living fully, and create balance within and around them. They are living their true paths.

We are all here with unique gifts to share with the world. When we connect our deepest longings with our unique gifts and offer them to the world, we live from a sense of purpose. This deep purpose carries us through challenges and obstacles, even when alternatives seem easier.

I invite you to take a moment to sit in silence, breathe deeply and connect with your purpose. This can be intimidating if you're used to living by default instead of according to your own life force and impulses.

In this place of stillness, ask yourself what it is that you most long for? How would you like to be in the world? It may take time, but this longing will emerge and lead you to your true purpose. Acknowledging your desire to live your purpose more fully is the first step to living your true path. It's the first step toward the ultimate freedom we all seek.

Now align yourself with what you long to create in the world. Start by taking time each day to affirm your positive intention to create your deepest longings. As you do so, with consistency and commitment, your life will automatically begin to shift.

Opportunities will present themselves and you'll see the synchronicity of life unfolding before you. You are stepping onto your true path.

The choice of live fully may mean connecting with aspects of you that have gone unnoticed, undernourished. These aspects are the gems waiting to be uncovered; our divine essence waiting to be revealed.

Julie left behind the corporate world in NYC to move to Maui and live her true path more fully. Contact her to learn how her channeling and transformational coaching can support you on your True Path© at or call 808.446.5426.

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