I woke up today, on the first day of my experiment feeling a mental ease... I knew it was a full day, but I also knew I was committed to not pushing through it.

Actually - it was more full than many days... I was creating video trainings with my biz partner, offering a live webinar, scoping out a project with an organization I might be working with... plus all the day to day biz happenings.

So, in the fullness of the day, combined with my experiment to explore a new way of creating and serving in my business... I did have some realizations.

ONE: I didn't DO any less today in order to honor my commitment to this experiment.

Yet in order to live into the commitments I've set, I had to catch the repetitive thoughts that feel violent toward myself.

Thoughts like..

"Why didn't you make a sale here?"
"You should've done this differently"

Those thoughts take a lot of my energy.

TWO: It was evident to me today that my inner judgments don't create better results. In fact, I'd be curious - and almost certain - that the judgments hinder my results.

The thing that I did do differently was give myself permission to post-pone a self-directed deadline to complete some training I need to deliver by next week. It was feeling like a push, so I took a small walk outside and checked in... I found that instead I was excited to complete an online training that I'm working through.

THREE: I realized that my life and the way I'm running my biz ARE full of self-love and self-care. I spent the afternoon at the beach, ate good healthy foods today and had dinner out with close friends. What's asking for a shift is an INNER VOICE that simply no longer serves and is painful.


Emotionally: More ease and acceptance...more lightness in my heart.
Financially: No conversion to sales (yet) from my webinar. (Atypical).
Spiritually: New awareness and a sense of being on purpose

See you tomorrow for Day 2!