I have had the honor of working with hundreds of incredible soul seekers. Women (and men!) who are dedicated to living a life that's in alignment, on purpose and of true service. A life where one is in deep connection with oneself and moving through the world with presence, acceptance and true fulfillment.

My personal sweet spot and passion is guiding these powerful women from a place of confusion, searching, or emotional upheaval; to find inner peace, connection to their authentic self, purpose and taking resulting action toward the things that truly matter most. From this place, my clients step forward into their next level of service, fulfillment and achievement of their greatest potential.

Check out these powerhouse leaders who gave their time to contribute case studies of their experience and results from working with me. I even asked them to share a bit of their brilliant wisdom with you, so be sure to check out their "take-aways!" for some amazing life wisdom!

Sinead Caroll

Sinead Caroll

Artist & Wise Woman

What were you frustrated with before you decided to start working with Julie?

Frustration is the right word for how I felt in general at the time closely prior to working with Julie. Life had become unusually difficult and heavy, and anything that needed to be done held a heavy vibration of obligation and dread. Life lacked spontaneity and thrill. A monotonous mundane dread clouded activities. I had pushed aside so many of the activities that brought joy to my life in order to get on with practical priorities. I was stuck. I was frustrated. And any action plan I put in placed failed to address the issue at its core.

Creative expression is my nature, but it seemed as though this flow was blocked. When an artist loses touch with emotion, the consequences are painful. A loss of confidence was inevitable and it hit me hard. There was definitely a sense that I had lost a part of myself.

At the time I had initiated working with Julie, I was also facing a major relationship challenge. My relationship with a past soul mate was getting unbearably painful. Something had to change.

What solutions had you tried before working with Julie? With what results?

I had tried every action plan I could think of. I had researched. I had tried to think of the solutions. I tried to stop thinking all together. I tried. I tried and I tried.

When the plans weren’t working out, frustration grew. More and more, things became urgent as time passed. I didn’t have time to figure things out. The “Just Do It” mentality became necessary, I thought. But I couldn’t just do it. I realized we are much more than the sum of our action effort. The effort was there, but the results weren’t.

If I began to think about how time had passed and things had not improved, the logical conclusion was they never would.

What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try working with Julie?

I came across Julie’s videos on YouTube, and I felt it was right for me to do an intuitive reading with her. It felt good to book that session. In a way I was willing to try anything, but it felt better to work with Julie than many other possible options at the time.

I got so much out of the intuitive reading. It hit home in many ways. There was so much truth in what I had heard. And the energy was something I was very comfortable with, one of genuine compassion.

Speaking with Julie soon after, I realized there was another positive aspect she could bring. While I loved the positive energy and guidance, my mind wanted to be satisfied with a certain degree of direction and logical goals. While this is not easy in a somewhat abstract field, Julie succeeds in bringing these two aspects together symbiotically.

Julie offered to be my coach, mentor, guide, intuitive, and energy healer all in one magical package. I knew this was a positive step for me. We worked together for a number of months, during which many positive changes came about.

What were a few of the things you loved about working with Julie?


Julie is a truly authentic, genuine, and real person. She has shared many parts of her journey with me and many others. The fact that Julie is on the same road, and she ‘practises what she preaches’ is commendable. Julie genuinely loves doing what she does, and being of assistance. We are all human, we are all on our journey, and if we can help others in any way from what we have learned then it is a really positive thing.


Julie is a wonderful communicator. She knows when to speak and when to listen. She knows what she needs to say, and if she doesn’t, she says so. No matter what the topic, Julie is always understanding. There is no judgment from her. She accepts things as they are and proceeds from there. When we went deeper and healing principles were used, Julie was quick to explain in simple terms what she was doing and what was unfolding. I was never left confused or out of the loop in my own healing journey.


Julie is a very patient person, something I appreciated very much while working with her. She allowed things to unfold naturally, and was careful not to push any personal agenda. Julie has the patience not to jump in and make things happen, when they are to be left allowed to happen.

What specific problems has working with Julie addressed that others in your situation might be able to relate to?

A common concern people often have is finding their calling, their passion in life. We wonder what we are ‘meant’ to be doing. What I’ve discovered is that we often don’t really have a specific task at hand, but a calling towards living a life of authenticity; to live freely on your general path of following your true self and your highest excitement.

Julie helped me to relax about the specifics, and to guide me to live a largely fulfilling authentic life. I wasn’t sure of my direction at the time I had commenced working with Julie, but I definitely feel I am on my path at present.

I have to admit I had a procrastination problem before working with Julie.

Julie really helped me energetically in a way that old unhelpful patterns were almost effortlessly removed. Instead of pushing through with intense effort to avoid procrastination, I naturally had the desire to undergo the action.

Did you experience any “big win” results in your life, career or relationships through working with Julie?

It may sound a little unusual, but the biggest win I have is intangible and priceless.

I have a newly found unshakeable fearlessness, knowingness, and direction. If you offered to give me back ten times the monetary value I have invested in myself to go back to where I was, I would decline. What I have is invaluable.

At the same time, yes I have definitely experienced “big wins”. I’ve noticed a great improvement in creative flow. For example, I picked up the guitar the other night, and effortlessly three song melodies came just like that. It feels like they’re on tap; there is no limit to the birth of new creations.

In my personal life, I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my relationships. I’ve been able to overcome the most challenging of relationships in a really positive authentic way. I’ve also noticed how in friendships and business I can more easily read the energetic intentions of others, so that I am better able to deduce if our desired outcomes are in alignment, or if our cooperation is a potential match.

A practical skill I’ve polished since working with Julie, is being able to finish tasks. No matter what nature of the task in the past; personal, business, academic or creative, I struggled to see things through to the end. I love the initiation period, it’s full of freshness and creativity. I managed to overcome my difficulty with completions, which was linked to discomfort around ‘endings’ in general. Now, I can move forward efficiently, without the emotional blockage.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend working with Julie?

As well as simply being really good at what she does, Julie is a radiant shining light full of clarity and a genuine desire to help. Her intentions are always for your greatest good.

Julie was always there for my highest wellbeing and growth.

Her intention is 100% pure, and it is this that allows her access such power. It is not lightly one decides on the person to undergo this type of work with. I trust Julie, and for that reason I was comfortable doing ‘vulnerable’ work with her.

What are your top three take aways that you want to pass on to the world that have emerged from your journey?

It’s never over. Life is an ongoing journey with no destination. Learn to enjoy it. Learn to enjoy the learning. We never know everything or get everything done. I feel like I know nothing sometimes. The more you know, the more you don’t know, as doors are opened and new worlds are uncovered. There is always another layer to be excavated. It’s like you’re never going to get to the last Russian doll, so learn to enjoy playing with them. People are so serious these days. It’s funny to watch, when you snap out of it. Allow yourself to laugh. Here in Ireland we call it having the ‘craic’. It’s pronounced like crack (but with none of the negative side effects or associated costs of crack). It is simply an Irish word for humor, fun, banter, and good times.

Trust yourself. If it feels right it probably is. We all know deep down what is good for us. Society trains us away from this natural ability. We train the logical intellectual mind intensively in the educational system to the detriment of our wellbeing. We run so many programs in our minds about how we, others, or the world should be. Often they are untrue and require examination and questioning. I had to ‘unlearn’ so much. That was my greatest learning of all.

Face fear. The worst thing you can do is run. I remember watching the situation comedy “Friends” when I was a kid in which Joey talked about fear. “Face your fear. You have a fear of heights? You go to the top of the building! You're afraid of bugs? Get a bug! Right?” While it was funny, I wondered how much truth was in his words. From my experience I can now see that the greatest thing we can do for ourselves is face our fears. This doesn’t mean diving into dangerous scenarios aimlessly, but facing fear with an awareness, and an intention to allow love and positive emotion to dissolve it. Experience the feeling of fear once and then move on. It’s never as bad as we continuously conjure in our minds.

Tami Sharp

Tami Sharp

Intuitive Life Coach & Incredible Mother

What were you frustrated with before you decided to start working with Julie?

When I started working with Julie, I was financially, spiritually, and energetically broke. I had recently gone through a divorce, lost a business, as well as had a very confusing soul connection (relationship) that was throwing me for loops left and right. I had a deep desire to strengthen my intuition, to find my passion, and to help people, but had zero clue what that looked like or which direction to take it. Life had taken away everything that I thought I cared about and left me to just look at myself.  I wasn't sure what to do with all of that, but I was excited to continue the process.

What solutions had you tried before working with Julie? With what results?
I was open to trying new things. I had already started facing fears, saying yes to opportunities when they came, and had started learning more about intuition and energies. I had also moved into my own space with out roommates or anyone else that would have an effect on my energy.
What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try working with Julie?

I had met Julie through mutual friends and she just seemed to have a silent understanding and connection. I was very intrigued by her and wanted to learn more about the line of healing work she was in.  I was in a position of saying yes to opportunities, and this one I jumped at with out hesitation.

Through our work together, I learned how genuinely sensitive and intuitive I was. That I wasn't crazy, or alone and that there are not only other people like me, but full schools teaching how to strengthen and understand these abilities.  I had numerous energetic WOW moments with Julie, on top of many a-ha moments.

What were a few of the things you loved about working with Julie?

Julie truly knows how to hold space and allow the process to flow naturally.  She never pushed her agenda. 

Some sessions, I really would just need to talk and purge out everything in my head and move the energy that way.  She respected that and allowed the space for me to do so, with no frustration that I wasn't wanting to get on the table for energy work.  Other times, I would not feel like talking and would come in asking to just go straight into the energy work.

She allowed me to flow naturally while also keeping clear and respectable boundaries so that neither felt slighted or resentful.

There was never any kind of judgement. 

What specific problems has working with Julie addressed that others in your situation might be able to relate to?
When it comes to talking about and understanding the spiritual and energetic world, a lot of people are closed off or scared. Julie understands and can help guide and teach you how to deepen your understanding as well.  It is very difficult to find legit people that have not only done the research, but have actually done and continue to do their own work.
Also, the energy work that she performed...whether you believe in it or not, once you really allow her to do what she does best, there are things in your body and your life that will shift so massively for the better, that you will no longer be able to deny that energy work is the real deal, as is Julie. 
Did you experience any “big win” results in your life, career or relationships through working with Julie?

Absolutely.  Since working with Julie, I have transformed my life numerous times. I have received the confirmations that I needed in order to fully trust in my own intuition. I have allowed like to open to me and I open to it. I have finally found a school of my own that is helping me on my journey. I am now officially and professionally an intuitive life coach, that will constantly be adding different healing modalities to my list of credentials.

I have Julie to thank as she definitely helped me head down the right path and has continued to hold space for me and support me on my journey.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend working with Julie?

Julie has integrity.

There are unfortunately a lot of people in this line of work that become very ego driven and lose sight of the purpose they are in this field.  Julie is not one of those. She practices what she preaches, she is humble, grateful and most importantly knows the importance of showing up for herself and setting clear boundaries, so that she can show up for her clients fully.

What are your top three take aways that you want to pass on to the world that have emerged from your journey?
1. Be gentle on yourself. Healing takes time and is a process. Love goes where it's sent. Love yourself.
2. Remember to breathe. To Trust. To Love. To be grateful. To be Humble. This too shall pass.
3. HAVE FUN!!! Laugh! Don't take everything so seriously. Life is an adventure! Live it to the fullest and BE YOUR BEST SELF!!!! 🙂