Every moment presents an opportunity to be in the present, or to create from past experiences.  Open to the now moment.  Open to the pure potential arising from the now moment.

Many of you feel discomfort when sitting with yourselves.  It means confronting or being with challenging emotions and thought forms.  We say, embrace the challenge.  When you sit with yourself and deepen inward, there is the possibility to release and move beyond the challenge and into the great unknown or unmanifest.  From this place of awareness, you are tapped into the pure potential that can now manifest through you.

You are not here to struggle.  We remind you of this often.  You are not here to struggle.  Yet you are here to grow, learn and allow your experiences to bring you into deeper connection with the truth of your being.

Embrace any discomfort.  Release the resistance and self judgment.  Dive into the unknown and find what's waiting there for you.

You are powerful creator of your life.  Being still in this moment and listening allows you to create with more consciousness and positive intention.

Our love is with you.

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Julie Migneault, MBA is an Intuitive Coach, Channel & Energy Healer.  She supports her clients to connecting with their true knowing of their soul’s divine purpose.  By embracing their feminine power, opening their intuition and healing old patterns that hold them back from the truth of their being, Julie’s clients free themselves from the lives they were conditioned to live so that they can start living the lives of fulfillment, inner peace and abundance that they are born to live.  Receive your FREE digital CD to find your soul’s purpose at www.awakeningfeminine.com.


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