Today I write to you with an authentic upwelling to be of support for a topic that I believe needs our attention.

Over the past few months, I've been invited into women's gifting circles - also called Women's Wisdom Circles - on multiple occasions. The invitations came from women I adore, respect and would love to be in sacred community with.

However, when the invitation came to invest $5000 to a circle and receive back $40,000 in just a few short months, I got a stomachache.  Something was not sitting right.  On the first invitation, I simply said it didn't feel right for me and left it at that.  But by the third or fourth invitation, I realized that most of the women I know are in these circles and I started exploring.  Part of me wanted to be included in the circles.  I could see my friends enjoying the support and love that the women are offering one another.  I want that.  But another part of me simply did not feel comfortable.

So, being that I have spent many hours happily buried in spreadsheets, and being that I devoted 10 years into a career in sustainability and business ethics, I dove in.  And when I looked at the math, I learned that 88% of women who invest in these circles WILL lose their money.  I learned that the 12% who receive a $40,000 "gift" will do so at the expense of the other 88% losing their investment.

Not a sustainable circle.  Not a circle at all.

I felt sad.  I felt isolated.  And I felt confused.

As more women approached me to join the circle - with their excitement and appreciation of the power of being in sacred circle - I realized that many of us have a authentic need and desire for community where spiritual, emotional AND economic support are part of the fabric of the community.

Unfortunately, these gifting circles are not that model.

I wanted to do something to educate women and create a space for healing.


That's when I came across Amber Bieg.  Amber is a fellow MBA and sustainability expert who's grounded in her spiritual roots.  She has put together a very comprehensive and informational presentation that clearly outlines the facts about the gifting circles and why it plain and simply doesn't work.  (Check it out here:

She explains how we live in a finite environment that IS governed by the laws of nature.  And how BEAUTIFUL that is as part of our spiritual path.

She's really speaking my language!  


I am so inspired and aligned with her message, that I've invited her to share her wisdom and clarity with us on this Friday August 16th's episode of Embodied Awakening Radio.

In the show, Amber offers her expertise, and we open the space to support all women who have become a part of a gifting circle because of a very authentic desire for a new model.  Amber and I share the possibilities of existing models.  I open my doors to support any women who are feeling overwhelmed, confused, fear or shame from hearing the truth about the gifting circle situation they find themselves in.

I invite you to join me in discussing this very important topic.  


From my perspective - we need to leave our judgment at the door and instead open our hearts with love and compassion to support the healing and possibility of a new way forward that includes new economic models that already are available.  Part of an embodied awakening is coming into contact with "sticky" places and moving through them to shed light and transform them back to our true nature so we can live it fully.

I see this as a beautiful opportunity to notice that even when we are living a spiritual life - we are still gifted with the experiences (like this) that can serve our growth and allow us to embrace our embodied experience here on this beautiful earth.  If we choose that.

Please message me at with your feedback, thoughts or personal experience.  I hope you join us this Friday for a very important conversation.  The first step to empowering ourselves is to have clear information.

Because of my unique experience with sustainability, business ethics and spiritual growth - I feel called to serve this situation where we find 1000s of our community members involved in an unsustainable model that may create true financial distress and the possibility of legal prosecution for many of the women we love.

Join Amber Bieg and I at 5pm HST / 8pm PST on Embodied Awakening with Intention Radio.

With a desire to serve from my heart,

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