Having purpose, in any and everything that we do, is part of what gives our experiences meaning.  It's an innate human need, and when we don't feel like we're "on purpose", our lives feel stuck, dissatisfying and like something is missing.



As an RCP (recovering corporate professional) , I know what it's like to be working, working hard, and not feeling deeply connected to what I'm doing.

For so many of us, we work jobs that pay our bills - spending countless hours away from our loved ones and the things that bring us joy - just to spend our "free time" trying to catch up.


As we move into a new year, with the endless possibilities before us, the question, "What is my purpose?" comes to the surface.  What am I autumn-220001_640really autumn-220001_640here to do and experience?  We want to be able to end 2014 feeling like we're moving forward and that there is meaning, passion and fulfillment in our lives.


The problem is, many of us don't feel like we have the luxury to slow down and really answer this question.  We've been pondering it for months, maybe years, but doing something that we LOVE, something that brings meaning AND allows us to be financially secure seems like an impossible feat.


Many times, even if we COULD live our purpose, we just don't know WHAT it is.  And so we stay stuck.


So I want to share something revolutionary with you that will immediately shift you from being stuck, to living your purpose and experiencing fulfillment now.


Here it is:  The idea that you have to KNOW your purpose before you can live a life of freedom, fulfillment and meaning is simply false.


Yes, you read that correctly.


It's time to stop wasting months and years trying to figure out what your purpose is before you can take actions that bring the freedom, fulfillment and meaning your looking for from living on purpose.


You see, purpose is not a static thing.  Our life's purpose does not drop out of the sky and into our lap so that we can finally have what we want in our life.


The truth is, our purpose UNFOLDS, moment by moment, day after day.  Our purpose deepens and grows through a practice of listening to what is calling us and following it.


Most us of don't wake up one morning and know with crystal clarity of our greater purpose.  In fact, the most successful people are those that cultivate a relationship to following an inner calling, step-by-step


Each of us can do this.  Each of us can listen to what's calling us forward NOW, follow it and find that over time we see our purpose unfold before us and continue to build upon ourselves.


I know first hand how scary it can be to take a step toward what we truly desire.  We've got bills to pay and real-life responsibilities.  Yet the benefit of listening and following is pricesless.  Life becomes fully alive, free and deeply rewarding.


The Three Simple Steps to Living Your Purpose Now

NUMBER1 The first step is to accept that you can live your purpose RIGHT NOW.  Instead of needing to KNOW your purpose, we shift our mindset to LIVING our purpose in this very moment.


NUMBER2Start living your purpose by listening to what's calling you from deep within.  Every time you listen to what the deeper part of you is guiding you toward, you're one step closer to living your purpose


NUMBER3Follow through and take steps toward what's calling you.  Every moment you follow what's calling you, you step into greater alignment and are living your purpose.  As a result you experience greater freedom and fulfillment.  Every time you disregard or ignore what's calling you, you step out of alignment.  You feel stuck, confused and dissatisfied.


As you begin to shift your perspective from trying to find your purpose to living your purpose now, your life will shift in amazing and unforeseen ways.  Doors begin to open that didn't seem possible before.  You begin to feel lighter and lighter as you gain traction and see how each time you listen and follow, you're building something that is tangible in your life.  Pretty soon, you'll find yourself living a life that is full of inspired success as you express YOU authentically.


I know first hand how terrifying it can be to take the first step.  Yet the rewards for taking even the smallest step toward greater alignment with where life is calling you is priceless.  Life becomes alive, free and super rewarding.


If you want to learn exactly how to learn to listen to what's calling you and how to move through the fear that holds you back from following that calling - I invite you to join my FREE high-content training call. Register right here, right now, and receive a powerful training to give your 2014 the traction you need to truly live fulfillment.


Lots of love,


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