Many business owners dive into a strategic planning process by setting goals for their organization - a great way to measure and plan for your business. But a crucial first step that I see many business owners skipping over is the process of getting clear on their strategic vision.

As author John Naisbitt says, “Strategic planning is worthless - unless there is first a strategic vision.”

Having a strong vision is really the basis for creating what you want. Do you know that place of wanting something so badly that you can see it, feel it and taste it? That’s the place you want to be in your business. What would success feel like for you? What would it look like? Feeling the success before it happens helps you embody what you are creating or building before it happens.

So, what are the key components of a strategic vision?

1. Excitement. Your strategic vision is something that really gets you moving. It motivates you. The thought of having it is exciting and it inspires you to bring your gifts to the world.

2. Sustainability. A strategic vision creates sustainability for yourself and others. The achievement of your vision positively affects your stakeholders (customers, employees, etc.) It’s a win-win situation: it brings good to you and to others.

3. Uniqueness. Your strategic vision reflects your individual gifts. It is your unique expression of what you offer to your target market. No one else can bring the same offerings to your market as well as you can. What is your unique vision?

These components bring meaning to your vision - helping to bring it to life and ensure that it is relevant to your organization. Just the process of creating your strategic vision will bring you into much greater alignment with the outcome you desire from your business.

Successful entrepreneurs already understand the importance of creating a strategic vision and they prioritize the visioning process - coming back to their vision on a regular basis to see if it’s still something that resonates for their organization. If strategic visioning is an area you have not prioritized in your business, I invite you to contact me to learn more about how I facilitate sessions for my clients, so that they get a crystal clear picture of their strategic vision. We then use the vision as a starting point to create a sustainable, executable plan to achieve success. Contact me directly and I’ll share with you my personal methodology for getting clear on what I want to create in my business and how I use that clarity to develop an actionable, achievable plan for success.

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