What's your process for making decisions?

There are the big ones that you know will make an impact on your life... like... "should I marry this person?"

And then there are the little ones - the quiet ones - that you made each and every day that defining your life.

When I surveyed our tribe - you guys openly shared with me it can be super challenging to feel confident that the decisions you make are best for you life.

You're totally not alone!

....We can get lost in self-doubt... feeling scared to step forward
....We get stuck wanting to make sure OTHERS will accept us when we take risks
....We can THINK we're doing what's best, only to get the same old results
....And we can question ourselves, wondering if we are ACTUALLY tapped in to our intuition, or if it's all our imagination

I dream of a world where parents and school systems actively engage our children to teach us how to listen to ourselves & trust ourselves so that we can easily make decisions with confidence.

Instead, often times what happens is we're taught "not to be selfish" and to "do what's appropriate/acceptable". We're surely NOT taught to trust ourselves.

This all comes at such a huge cost to our self-confidence and inner knowing.

I am on a mission to repair our self-doubt and replace it with powerful self-confidence!

I know that your dreams - and your amazing gifts - can not come in to fruition until you are consistently and confidently making decisions that are right and true for you. The decisions that take you to your ultimate fulfillment.

As a child, I often went against the grain to listen to my own heart. There were consequences - often times not very comfortable ones... But looking back I can see that I truly learned to trust myself and my decisions.
Because of this, my choices have led me to the things I really want in my life. And from the outside looking in - it often looks like this happens pretty quickly.

But the truth is we ALL have exactly what it takes to bring our dreams to fruition when we learn how to overcome our self-doubt and confidently make decisions towards our highest path.

Do you want to know exactly how to do this?

Awesome 🙂

I'm sharing my four step process for the first time ever:

The 4 Step Confidence Process

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This is the exact process I used to extract myself from a corporate J-O-B and into the life of passion and freedom I'm currently living in Maui, Hawaii.

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I believe in you and your dreams. I believe that you have everything you need to create the life (and biz) that you desire. I believe you have unique gifts that only you can share!

The world is waiting... and I want to give you the formula that has helped me to overcome doubt, fear and other people's nay-saying time and time again! You can too 🙂

Enjoy the training!
With excitement,