Where are you experiencing a familiar pattern in your life?  A sense that the same challenge is coming up again and again?

Consider that it is not the external that is creating this challenge.  Consider that it is something within you that is seeking your attention.

Without judgment or dismay, come back to the notion that you are a powerful creator.Part of the experience of being a human means navigating the thick and low vibration energies around you.  You have the power to disconnect from these energies and come back to your own energy.  This is the first step in the process.Next, begin to witness where you have accepted something outside of yourself as truth.  Just witness it.Open to the possibility that there is a deeper truth within you that wants to express.Consider that this deeper truth within you is the answer you have been seeking to your external challenge.

No need to do anything in the external to make the shift.  Instead, come back to your own truth and allow the experience of the challenge to shift naturally as you live from your deeper truth.You have the power.  You are the creator.  No one else.  Remember this and you remember your true nature.

Julie Migneault, MBA is an Intuitive Coach, Channel & Energy Healer.  She supports her clients to connecting with their true knowing of their soul’s divine purpose.  By embracing their feminine power, opening their intuition and healing old patterns that hold them back from the truth of their being, Julie’s clients free themselves from the lives they were conditioned to live so that they can start living the lives of fulfillment, inner peace and abundance that they are born to live.  Receive your FREE digital CD to find your soul’s purpose at www.julie-migneault.com 


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