Direct Channeled Message from The Divine Feminine Collective
Many of you have awakened to the fact that you sometimes are acting from a place that does not feel aligned with your True Nature. A cruel word or look, an angry judgment towards another, an impatient expression towards a loved one.

We acknowledge that it can be painful to see these places within your consciouness as you awaken to more of your True Nature.

Today we would like to provide you with guidance on how to be with these parts of yourself.

The first step is to acknowledge the True Nature of these parts of yourself. They are not evil, they are not wrong or bad. They are merely parts of your consciousness that are younger. Less evolved than your Higher Self, where your soul resides. You have incarnated to allow these parts of your self to heal and evolve. Howver, as part of the evolutionary process, the first step in the healing process is the awareness that something needs to be healed or is calling for healing attention.

So your first step when you become aware of the parts of yourself that you don't like is to acknolwedge them as part of your consciousness, without judgement. And without ignoring their presence. All human beings have these parts that are calling for healing attention. One of the things that prevents the healing is the judgment of Self for having pieces of young consciousnesss that need to be healed.

However, if you can begin to see these parts of yourself as merely less evolved aspects of your True Self, you will begin to hold your Self in more compassion. Imagine a mother who notices her young child making fun of a friend after the friend has received the atention of the child's parents. This young child is acting out because he is experiencing the situation from his limited cone of perception. To the young child, attention from his parents toward his friends feels like a threat.

The mother has two choices, to punish the child for his actions OR to hold her child in compassion and in doing so open his cone of perception to understand the greater whole. She can be with her child in the pain he is feeling, allow him to feel it, and correct his course by bringing him back to contact with his True Nature. This is the healing.

We would suggest that you begin to hold younger pieces of your consciousness with the same love and attention that a mother would her child when he or she misbehaves. Ask your higher self to witness your actions that are out of alignment with your True Nature, and hold your younger self in full compassion. In holding this piece of yourself in true compassion, ask your higher self what has caused this transgression. What is the true need of your younger consciousness? What is the need of this frozen piece of consciousness that it did not get at one point or another?

Can you give yourself this need? Love, attention, reconnection with your True Nature. This is all it takes to support this part of yourself in evolving back to it's True Nature, to rejoin your higher self and rid yourself of this suffering. Allow your younger consciousness to be a teacher to you in this way.

There may be a need for you to fully feel the pain or trauma that you experienced through the incarnation process. There may be a need for you to allow the younger consciousness to express fully before you are able to hold it in comfort, love and transformative energy. That is okay. Allow the process, as it will bring you more of yourself to the surface. Reintegration of pieces of consciousness frozen in time at a younger evolvement stage.

Where can you let your suffering end? The suffering that you inflict on another is suffering that you inflict on yourself. There is no separation. You are here, not to avoid the challenges of growing, but to embrace them and trust wholeheartledly in the process of your own soul's journey to bring you Home back to your Self... your true Divine nature.

Allow yourself to transform. Participate fully in the process. Bring forth your higher self to do so, as well as full acceptance for all parts of yourself - whether they be highly evolved or aspects that are seeking to grow.

You are ready to transform. We are with you in the process. Ask and receive support.

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